Excessive Worrying – Oh My!


Welcome back and thanks for sharing you valuable time with us here at God’s Light!

Today’s topic is Excessive Worrying.  Please know that very soon God’s Light’s website will be live as well as both a YouTube Channel with many helpful videos, and many podcasts for you to listen to, and one of the first ones will deal with the topic of Excessive Worrying.  For this post, I’ll be much more brief.  As always, feel free to email me at pastorbradkom@gmail.com with any questions you may have, and we hope you will subscribe to the blog, follow us on Twitter, and Like Us on Facebook as well.  Links are provided on the left hand menu.

Being a Pastor and a counselor, daily I have people ask me for all kinds of help with their lives.  From relationship issues, to job issues, to health issues, to addiction issues – but you might be surprised to learn that one of things I get asked for help with the most is excessive worrying.

Our media driven world today constantly bombards us with troubling news on many fronts.  Unemployment is way down depending on which political party or television station you watch/listen to.  Same thing with our overall economy.  Violence and killings are up across the country.  School shootings and bullying make sending our kids off to school a constant worry.  The world is a mess!  Thank you satan.

If you are married and have children, you are expected to get the kids to their sporting and school events as well as keep them entertained when they don’t have other activities to do.  You also need to ensure that you are making the appropriate time for your spouse.  There are chores to get done as well.  As you can see, time is a precious commodity for all of us and there is never enough to go around.  Finally, everyone seems to be worried about death and dying (Christians should never worry about this, but that’s for another post!)

Many people I have counseled have actually taken up most of our first meetings just detailing for me the huge list of things that they worry about on a daily basis!  I could go on and on but I think you get the picture.  Worry is just a constant in all of our lives and it is just something that we have to deal with right?  Nope!

What if I told you that the words “Fear Not” appear in the Bible 365 times!  Yes, that is one time for each day in the year!  When God repeats words or ideas in the Bible, they are repeated for emphasis – to show us that they are very important to God and important for us to learn.  Therefore, it is pretty obvious to me that God simply does not want us running around and worrying all the time.   I know your saying right now, “Well if I don’t worry about my life, who will?”  That’s easy, God will, and He wants to!  Would you believe He is just waiting for you to ask?

James 4:2-3 in the Bible teaches us, “…you do not have because you do not ask God.”   So many of us just never take the time to get alone with God, speak to him like a Father and a friend, and ask Him for help with what we are worrying about.  God wants us to have intimate relationships with Him and in order to do that, we must communicate with God all the time as we would any other friend or Father.  Let’s face it, if you had a friend that you only spoke to twice a year (Christmas and Easter for most people) or only when you needed something, how long would you expect them to be your friend?  Yes, not long indeed.  God is so interested in every facet of your life and He truly waits for you to tell Him all about your life and the things that are causing you worry and strife.

Next, God tells us that even if we take the time to talk to Him and ask, we need to ensure we have the right motives and ask for the right things.  For example, if you have been out of a job for awhile, asking God to make you win the lottery is just not the right thing to ask for.  Instead ask God to bring opportunities to network with others in your life.  Ask God to work in the lives of the people who are reading your resumes so that they will call you in for that interview.  God will help us, but He wants to see we are willing to put in our part of the work as well.

Let me hit you with some startling truth – when you worry, you are exhibiting signs of atheism!  Ok I know I have made some people upset with this comment but let me remind you the Bible says this, not me.  You see when you worry, what you are really doing is trying to figure out how to solve problems in your own power without getting God involved.  In truth, you are playing God’s role in the situation.  That’s atheism.  Acting as if God doesn’t exist and that you must fix everything by yourself shows no faith on your part of the existence of God – that’s atheism.  We show faith in God by getting alone with God and saying, “God I have tried many things to help this particular situation but to this point nothing has worked.  I ask you now Father to take this situation over and I look forward to watching You work in the situation and I know in the end it will work out for my good just as You say it will in the Bible.  If you want me to try something else, just show me and consider it done.  In Jesus name I ask this of you Father, Amen.”  That is a prayer that God honors every time!  I have seen it work in many people’s lives and soon their worries are gone.

Now this doesn’t mean that your issue will go away that second.  Our idea of time means nothing to a God not bound by time.  Furthermore, God usually has many peoples lives to work in to help solve your issues and that takes time.  But have faith in God and that faith will always pay off for you in the end.

In the podcast and on our YouTube channel, I will share with you actual and factual stories of people we have helped overcome their worrying.  I’ll share with you how we did that, how the people are doing today, and how you too can overcome excessive worrying.

If you would like immediate help with your excessive worrying, we hope you will please give God’s Light Christian Counseling a call and schedule an appointment with us today.  We have had incredible success in helping people who excessively worry to refocus on their relationships with God and then begin to turn their worries over to Him.  Soon you will find your joy returning and your relationships will be richer and fuller because you can spend your valuable, priceless time enjoying life instead of constantly worrying about everything.

Father, I pray to you now for anyone who is reading this who struggles with worry.  Father, you know the many people that we work with here at God’s Light to successfully correct their relationships with You Father, and when they do, you come in and take their worries away and give them your peace that transcends all human understanding.  Father help them to make that call to us today so that we can begin helping them gain their precious time back in their lives.  In Jesus name I pray Father, Amen.

In His Awesome Name,

Pastor Brad Komgenick


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