What Is Satan Scared Of?

Jesus Temptation

You might be shocked for me to tell you that Satan knows the Bible better than you do, but it is absolutely true!  When Jesus was beginning His ministry, Satan was allowed to tempt Jesus so that we would all know that Jesus, just like we are today, knew what it was like to be tempted.  We all tend to forget that Jesus was just as much a human man while He was on Earth as He was God.  This means he got hungry, tired, angry, and sad just as we do.  In fact, when Lazarus died we read that “Jesus wept”.  Think on that for just a moment – God wept!!!  If you ever wonder if God is some unfeeling old man who sits in constant judgement of us, I am here to tell you different and so does the Bible.  But back to Jesus….

During Satan’s tempting of Jesus, during the second temptation where Satan took Jesus to high temple, Satan told Jesus, “If you are the Son of God throw yourself down.”  Then Satan quoted directly from the Old Testament Book of Psalms, specifically from Psalm 91-11:12, where Satan reminded Jesus that in Psalm 91 it is written that angels will come and and save Jesus and ensure that he would not be harmed.  Scary isn’t it?!!

When Satan tempts you, are you ready to fight back with God’s Word like Jesus did?

Satan did kind of the same thing with Eve in the Garden of Eden, except He twisted God’s Word on Eve more towards the positive and ensured her that God simply wanted to keep her and Adam on a lower level than Him by keeping knowledge away from them, and that they SURELY WOULD NOT die by eating the fruit, even though God made it clear that they would die.  Satan’s tempting was too much for them when they did not have God’s Word to fight back with.

But fear not for Jesus shows us exactly what we are to do to Satan when he gets up to his old tricks – we give Him back verses from the Bible!  Jesus answered Satan by telling him, “It is written: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test!” which is from Deuteronomy 6:16.  Jesus is telling us when we memorize the Bible and keep it in our hearts, we will end up using it against those who would challenge our faith, or even Satan himself, as Jesus did.

Let me share some truth with you that I pray will help you as it has helped others – Satan is not omnipotent, or all powerful, as God is.  If you will remember, Satan was an angel first who got greedy and felt he could be a better god than God could.  Satan has no power to do anything or say anything to us that God does not allow.  Why would God allow Him to ever say anything to us?  Well you see sometimes we get off track in our relationship with God – we get prideful and full of ourselves, we stop putting others before ourselves, we stop serving others, and we start caring more about things than people.  It is then that Satan is allowed to do his best to us in order for us to refocus on the true source of all great things in our lives – that is God of course.  Therefore, when Satan tempts you to gossip, or to excessively worry or complain, to get angry and say hurtful things to others, please remember that the Bible is absolutely full of verses you can use to shut Satan up immediately.

Satan is scared of those of us who believe in and have faith in Jesus as our Savior and Lord.  He does not have to mess with the people in world who do not believe in God or who believe in false Gods.  They are already in Satan’s back pocket.  It is those of us who share Jesus with others whom he targets often.  Therefore we MUST keep the Bible in our hearts and minds if we hope to have success in the battle with temptations and with Satan.

This Easter, let’s show Satan that we have better things to do than be bothered with him – we have a loving Lord who is alive and well and who loves us enough to die for us.  Don’t you think Jesus is worth memorizing His Word for?  I sure do and I cannot tell you how often I use it to put Satan in his place.

Thank You God for your Word, which is a light to us as we walk in a dark and weary world that only wants to bring us down.  Thank you for Jesus’ modeling for us that we can use Your Word to tell the deceiver exactly where he can put His temptations!  We love you and praise you God and we look forward to worshiping the Risen Christ this upcoming Easter Sunday!  In Jesus holy name I pray, AMEN!!!!

May God continue to Bless you and your family always,

Pastor Brad Komgenick
God’s Light Christian Counseling

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