What Does Easter Mean To You?

For the vast majority of the United States, this Easter Sunday means that they will “have” to get up and be forced to go to church, usually by a spouse or a parent depending on your age.  Easter simply has lost it’s true meaning for much of our country.  The devil has done a grand job of putting a fresh coat of paint over Easter just as he has done with Christmas.  Christmas is not about commercialism, outspending others, spending what we don’t have out of guilt, and its about twinkling lights and wrapped boxes.  Satan loves the bait and switch – “I know you guys are thinking about that Jesus fellow, but have you seen the size of the boxes under the tree that have your name on them?”  Soon Jesus gets relegated to the back if the line and the trees, presents, and over indulgence take first place.

Easter is not much different.  Christmas I can kind of see how people can equate Satan’s confounding because the Bible speaks of giving presents to Jesus on His birth, and they even decorated tress in His honor.  But yellow marshmallow chickens and painted eggs?   I think here Satan just said, “Let’s just see how gullible these people are.  I’ll just pick something random and see if they bite on it!”  And we do.  Each year spending on candy for Easter grows and grows.  This year the spending is expected to reach 1.7 BILLION dollars.  As a Pastor let me just say this – if even HALF of that money were to be spent on charitable giving, oh what amazing things we could be doing to help others in the church.  Instead, we give each other diabetes and forget that Jesus said He would lay down His life for us and three days later would be raised from the dead to rule at the right hand side of God – AND HE DID!!!  As Christians we have the sole privilege of knowing that our God is not dead.  He is alive and well and working in our lives each and ever day.

This Easter Sunday, would you do me a favor?  Would you just take 5 seconds and say, “Thank you Jesus for my life?”  I promise it won’t hurt a bit and you will make Jesus smile!

Doctors have proven that people who live the longest lives are people who are grateful each and every day of their lives.  What does Easter mean to you?  Christian or not, you can thank the God who made you for making you – right in between bites of your Peeps and Reeses Easter Eggs.

Father, the greatest gift you have ever given to man is the gift your Son, Jesus Christ, gave to every single person when He gathered our sins to Himself and went up on the cross and died and took those sins with Him so that we may have an awesome relationship with you.  Father this Easter it is my prayer that this selfish, individualistic country would just for a moment, turn their eyes to Jesus and be grateful for all of the things we have thanks to your Son.  In His Holy name I pray.  AMEN!!

Happy Easter from us at God’s Light Christian Counseling!  May it be a blessed one!

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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