Are You God?


Of course your not!  We all have to admit that we are not God and could never be.  In Isaiah 55:9 God tries to tell us, “My ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts.”  God never tells us anything that is not important for us to know, learn, and put to use in our lives.  So please keep in mind that you are not God.  Neither am I, not is your neighbor, or your parents, or your spouse, or your money, or your job.  God is God, and we are not.

Why then do you think it is that so many of us act like we are so god much of the time?  Many people, and I mean a LOT of people, I have counseled and worked with through the years sure think they are God by the way they act, and it ALWAYS causes them much trouble and strife in their lives.  As a counselor I can tell you that when you act a certain way for too much time, breaking that habit can be extremely hard to do – just ask a lifetime alcoholic or drug addict.

Think about this for a moment – at any given moment in any day, there are millions of people are talking to and praying to God ALL AT THE SAME TIME, AND HE HEARS EVERY SINGLE WORD!  Have you every tried to have a conversation where multiple people were talking all at once?  Drives you crazy doesn’t it?  Not God!  Our prayers and cries for help are like music to God’s ears, because it shows we know our place and we revere God for His role – God is God, we are not!

You see when we do things like try to control other people, we are in effect trying to play God in their lives.  When we nag at people because they are not “acting like they ought to”, or more specifically, acting like we WANT them to, we are playing God in their lives by judging them.  When we put our jobs or money above all else in our lives including God, then not only are we playing God, but we are REPLACING God with OURSELVES in our own lives.

Trust me when I tell you, anything you place before God in your life means you do not trust God.  All the money in the world won’t open the gates of Heaven.  Being the CEO of a company does not impress God in the least.  After all, even Hitler was a CEO!  There is absolutely nothing that you can do to open the gates of Heaven for yourself.  NOTHING!  There is truly only ONE WAY to open those awesome gates – that is putting your faith if Jesus as Savior.  God id God and you are not!

Trust me, you could not handle being God for a second.  So why try at all?  Let God be God, because you are not.  Stop worrying about things you cannot control.  That’s God’s job – God is God, you are not.  Not a single second of worrying will add any time to your life, in fact it takes time away from you.  Stop acting like your job defines you – it doesn’t.  It only steals time from those who love you and want to spend time with you – your job isn’t God and neither are you!  Do you love money?  Having lots of it can be great for sure – it can also take God’s place in your life – moneys isn’t God and neither are you!

I’m not trying to be mean or rude or “holier than thou”, I’m only being very real with you.  I cannot tell you how many people I have helped who have put “things” ahead of God and all they are left with are things like loneliness, depression, broken marriages, failed relationships, hate and anger filled hearts, and in the end a life wasted.

If your reading this, then God has decided you still have time to address your selfishness or greed or whatever it is that sees you putting something other than God in first place in your life.  Please know that you have not been promised tomorrow.  Today, actually right this moment, is what you have.  Won’t you make the most of it and just answer this quick question – am I putting ANYTHING ahead of God in my life – is there anything I could not give up if God asked me to?  If you cannot answer yes to this, then I pray that you will begin to deal with this now while you still can.  If God isn’t first place in your life, then the gates to Heaven may just be closed.  Eternity is a very long time to be separated from God.  Won’t you take a moment and do this quick self assessment?  I believe your eternity will be worth it.

Should you find yourself needing help or not knowing how to begin to address an issue you may pinpoint, we at God’s Light are here to help you!  It is our goal that not a single person would be left out when Jesus comes back to call us home.  We understand how absolutely hard it is to make permanent change in your life.  As well, we know how easy this world makes it to put ANYTHING ahead of God.  If you need us, we will be here!

Holy Father God, I want to pray for anyone tonight who is making a poor decision to put anything but You in first place in their lives.  Money cannot be taken with you to Heaven, not will it open the gates of Heaven, only Jesus can do that for us.  Prestige and high paying jobs are great, but titles are unable to redeem our sinful lives and open the gates to Heaven.  Father, I pray that if there is anyone reading this who knows that are struggling with selfishness and making themselves the gods of their lives, I pray they will seek help before the final tick of the clock strikes and then it is too late to act.  We love you God and we could not be happier that You are God and we are not!  In Jesus precious name I pray, AMEN!

Pastor Brad Komgenick





2 thoughts on “Are You God?

  1. Great post; one that I need to take to heart.

    Have a great day.

    Love you, sis

    On Mon, Mar 28, 2016 at 9:53 PM, Gods Light Christian Counseling wrote:

    > PastorBradKom posted: ” Of course your not! We all have to admit that we > are not God and could never be. In Isaiah 55:9 God tries to tell us, “My > ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts are higher than your > thoughts.” God never tells us anything that is not important” >


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