Dream Big!! God Can Handle It!


As a reminder, God created the Earth, the oceans, the stars, the land, all the animals, and man and woman in just 6 days.  God knows the number of hairs on your head, and not just your head, but every person that has ever lived!  God can listen to a million people talking to Him at the same time and fully understand and answer each person.  God created every complex system that works together that keeps us alive.  For example, God created trees which take in a gas that can kill us and puts out oxygen so that we can breathe.  God also created the soil these plants grow in.  Oh and God created the sun that helps the plants and trees grow, and the bees that pollinate the flowers and trees.  Not bad huh?

God created our bodies and all of the complexity inside them that allow us to live.  Sorry folks, no big bang or evolution could create something this complex and intricate and beautiful just by chance.  To believe that takes more faith than it does to believe in God!

What I’m saying is, God is amazing, awesome, omnipotent (all-powerful), omniscient (all-knowing), and omnipresent (everywhere all at once).  In short – God is HUGE!!

So with a God so big, and with a God whom nothing is impossible for Him to handle, why do we treat Him as if He was so very small and incapable?

Let me ask you this – are you living the life you dream about?  Are you living the life that you know you were born to live?  Are you living a life that will leave a legacy for those you leave behind?  Are you investing in people who are going to Heaven?  Here is a fact for you, by my last count, only 2% of the people who have answered this question for me answered it with a “Yes!”  Why do you think that is?

I hear all kinds of excuses – and they all usually begin with “if only…”  “If only I was born to rich parents I would be living my dream life.”  “If only I was taller, shorter, skinnier, smarter, I would be living my dream life.”  Sure you would!

Others give me the, “If only I had….” excuse.  “If only I had the promotion I deserve, the new car I need, the bigger house I want, a more perfect spouse, and on and on.”  Sure you would!

Ok so I want to help you begin today to start living the dream life you always wanted!  Are you excited??!!  I certainly am!  I learned this secret years ago and have been teaching it to others and helping many people do this very thing and today they are enjoying their new lives to the fullest.  Now get this – I’m going to tell you this secret absolutely free of charge!!!   Please do not tell anyone that I’m giving this away!  This will just be our little secret!!  Are you ready???

Ok I’ll make it quick and easy for you.  I’ll put it into a few steps that you will need to follow each and every day, and this includes AFTER you begin living your dream life.

Step Number One:

Accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior.  I guarantee there is not a single person living their true dream life to its absolute fullest that has not accepted Christ as Savior.   There are people who “think” they have the world in the palm of their hands who haven’t accepted Christ but trust me, they have an emptiness in their lives that they keep trying to fill with “things” like money, drugs, and false friends, but that place belongs to God and can only be filled by Him.  Oh and did I mention this is the one and only true way to ensure you will end up in Heaven?  BONUS!  You get your dream life AND an eternity in Heaven to boot!  So if you want to live your dream life, ask Jesus to come along for the ride!!  You will never find a better partner than the Creator of the World!

Step Number Two:

Depends on your doing Step Number One, because once you do, The Holy Spirit enters your life and then you are shown what your “true gift” is.  What do I mean by this?  Here is my example – once I gave my life to Christ I found that I had an absolute passion for helping people who struggle with “doing life”.  I also found that I can listen really well to people, I instinctively know what their real problems are, I get them to realize what the problems are, and then I help them to fix the problems.  Oh, and I love to preach and teach about the Bible as well!  All of this was shown to me by the Holy Spirit, and after I was enlightened, I could not spend another day doing my old job.  I HAD to follow God’s leading and do what He was challenging me to do, and that was to create God’s Light Ministries, and God’s Light Christian Counseling.  Now I get to spend every day doing what I love AND helping people as well!

This DOES NOT mean that your gift will lead to ministry or mission trips.  Many people are so afraid that God will ask them to go to Africa and be a missionary so that never even take the first step!  It may actually be that your true gift is being the worlds best stay-at-home Mom or Dad!  That is a ministry all unto itself and a ton of work to boot.  Your gift may be that you are one of the very few people who will volunteer at Hospice and brighten the lives of people who have limited time left here on Earth.  God made you – He knows your heart and what you love to do and what you are good at, so don’t you think He has a great plan for your life and that He wants you to live your dream life?  HE DOES, trust me!

Step Number Three:

Almost there!!!  Ok you’ve given your life to Jesus?  CHECK!  You’ve asked the Holy Spirit to show you what your “gifts” are?  CHECK!  Ok here comes the part you’ve been dreading – now you must throw all reasoning to the wind and actually DO what God challenges you to do!!!  No, I didn’t stutter!  DO WHAT GOD ASKS YOU TO DO!!!!  DREAM BIG!!!  As someone who speaks from experience, someone who has started not one business but is in the process of starting an entire CHURCH from scratch, as someone who gave up a lucrative career in order to help others, I can tell you there is nothing more scary than jumping out of your comfort zone and into the unknown.  But by doing so, by dreaming big, you show total faith in God to provide for you and to make you successful and guess what – when you trust Him, God PROMISES to help you!  It’s right there in the Bible!  God provides for you now, even when you do not trust Him fully.  Imagine what He can do when you go all in for Him!!!

Dreaming big honors God by showing that you trust Him and have faith in Him!  There is no dream to big for God!  God is simply waiting on you to do your part!!

So know you know what the true “secret” is to your dream life!  It’s not just thinking positive thoughts like that book tries to tell you.  Sure thinking positively is a good thing, but where is God in that?  Nowhere!  The secret is dreaming big and trusting even bigger in a massive God who loves you!  He loves you so very much that He sent His one and only Son, Jesus, to die for you!  No greater love is there than this!

No need to thank me!  Well actually you can thank me – YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO THIS FOR YOURSELF!  Nothing would make me happier than for you to stop living a life less than you want to be living.  Can you truly say you love your life today?  If you can, then God bless you – you are truly one in a million!  Is the job you have the job you love?  Are your relationships where you want them to be?  If not, why not dream big and then follow these 3 easy steps?  You will have God as your partner, you will learn what it is you truly are gifted at and love to do, and then you will actually begin doing it!

Ok I hear you – “No way!  There is no way this works!  It’s way too risky!”  Those words are words said by someone who is definitely not “all in” with God.  Those are the words of someone who thinks God is not able to help them live their dream life!  Those are words of a coward!  Our God is HUGE!  Our God is AWESOME!  Our God LOVES TO GIVE great things to those who love Him, trust Him, and Give to His work and to those in need!   I am living proof that sometimes when you throw caution to the wind and go “all in” for God, God delivers in ways much larger than you had ever dreamed!

Bottom line:  There is NOTHING God cannot do for you!  Are YOU willing to do what God asks of you, no matter WHAT IT IS?  Won’t you decide today that your ready to take that risk?  After all, I meet people every day who tell me all the regrets they have over all the things they “wished” they had done.  This is so sad because God has been waiting right beside them for them to DREAM BIG and then FOLLOW THROUGH!

Please feel free to leave comments on this post.  You can ask me any questions you may have or even share your concerns with me.  As always you can email me at pastorbradkom@gmail.com if you would like to keep your comments private.

I realize this is a scary proposition – it was for me as well!  But I truly want you to begin living your dream life and stop wasting time!  I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have – it’s what I’m here for after all!

May God Bless and may you START DREAMING BIG TODAY!

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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