I Can’t


Many people today have the idea that they are in control of everything.  They know exactly when they will get up in the morning.  They know where they will park at work.  They know how things will go at work.  They know how things will go when they get home and if anything seems to not go their way, they stress and strive and fight and to ensure that they regain control of things.  There are a few things about this situation that they are failing to realize:

  1. We are not in control of a single thing we do – God is.  Need proof of this?  Are you telling your heart to beat right now?  No.  Did you keep yourself breathing while you slept last night?  No.  I hear you – “Well I decide when and where I go every day.”  Sure you do.  And what is stopping someone driving near you from having a heart attack and running your car into a ditch?  Is that you?  No.  Trust me – we control nothing!  God controls it all.  The sooner you learn this and become grateful for it, the better your life become.
  2. When you fuss, fight, kick, and strive to have your way, your not only proving to God you do not trust Him and that you have little faith in Him to work in your life, but your tantrums are showing that very same thing to everyone around you.  Please stop!  Life is not a massive Burger King where you get to have it all your way every day or else.   Trust God!  He created everything, don’t you think He can help you when things seem out of control?
  3. Lastly, God is just waiting for you to say two magical words before he steps in and not only works for you, but He will usually go over and above for you.  What are those words?  “I CAN’T.”

By “I CAN’T” I mean this,”Lord this situation is simply beyond me – I CAN’T do a thing about it, so I am turning this over to you Lord.  I know you have promised to work out all things for our good when we bring our problems to You, so here you go Lord.  I look forward to seeing how You will work in this.”

By saying “I CAN’T” what you are telling God is “God, I realize I am at the very end of me.  What I want to do right now is to punch that person in the face / yell at the top of my lungs / tell that person off / quit this dead end job / put that person in their place.  But you know my heart God and You know that I struggle with control issues and these types of situations, so please handle this for me.”

You would be utterly surprised at what will happen next!  God promises us in the Bible that when we give our problems to Him, He will give us “His peace, which goes beyond all human understanding.”  This means we will receive instant peace about this situation and then God will work in the lives of the people in the situation for everyone’s good – both their good and your good.  So in the end, your confession that you are NOT in control will serve you and others as well!

In the United States today, saying “I CAN’T” is not valued in the least.  We are told, especially at work, that if we cannot handle everything, they will find others to replace us.  How utterly stupid that is!  If they understood God’s truth they would realize that there is nothing that we truly control.  We simply do the best we can and ask God to bless our work.

If you ever talk with me, you will notice something about the way I speak.  It goes something like this:  you might ask me what I am going to do after work – I will answer you with, “Well I plan to go to the gym and then get take out for the family, GOD WILLING.”  Please notice the “GOD WILLING” part.  Here is what I mean – I have plans to go to the gym, then stop by Chipotle to get dinner for my family.  That is my plan.  Now God might have other plans entirely.  God might choose for me to have a flat tire on the way and never make it there, because if I would have made it to the gym, I would have hurt my back.  Or maybe God will have me take a different route to the gym and I will avoid a car accident that would have taken my life.  So if it is God’s plan for me to do these things, then I will.  If God has other plans, I will do what God chooses for me to do.

Those two little words “GOD WILLING” go hand-in-hand with the first two little words we discussed “I CAN’T”.  So the next time you think you’ve got it all under control, but then something goes astray, please remember that it is perfectly fine to tell God, “I CAN’T” and then pray “GOD WILLING, this situation will be handled by God in a manner that will benefit everyone”.  Trust me, it will because God never breaks a promise.

Father, tonight I pray for everyone who thinks that they are the captain of their own ship.  What they do not realize is that they are actually the captain of the Titanic and we all know where that ship ends up.  Instead it is my prayer that they will jump on board the mighty USS “I CAN’T” and head right to “GOD WILLING” island for a stay that will be a much greater destination for everyone.  Thank you God for promising to work all things for the good of anyone who loves you and puts their faith in Jesus!  In Jesus holy name I pray, AMEN!!

Pastor Brad Komgenick


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