Are Your Problems Too Big?

Gods problem.jpg

Are your problems getting so large and all encompassing that you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel?  We have all been there for sure.  Whether it is money worries, relationship worries, health issues, or even the loss of a loved one.  Our problems and trials are real and sometimes it seems like they will just never end.

Very well-meaning people try to help us, but usually their words just seem to fall not on deaf ears, but on ears that are already full of “niceties” that just do not help us.  “I understand what your going through” often means nothing to us when we are deep in the well of hopelessness.  You see what we don’t need is someone standing at the top of the well yelling down at you, “It will all be alright – just have faith.”  What we need is for them to jump down into the well with us and just hug us and mostly say nothing.  Just knowing that they are there is what helps us most.

Perspective – that what changes when people get into the wells with us.  For a short time, we can hold our heads up and look at them instead of looking down at our pain and only seeing that pain.

So let me ask you a question that will ALWAYS change your perspective when you need someone to get down into the well with you – HAVE YOU EVER BEEN NAILED TO A CROSS?

No, you have never been nailed to a cross.  Not only that, but you have never been nailed to a cross for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG!!!  Not only that, but you have never been nailed to a cross for doing nothing wrong WHILE THE PEOPLE YOU CAME TO SAVE MOCK AND SPIT AT YOU AND CALL YOU A LIAR!!!

You get the picture right, yes you have problems that can seem world ending to you – I would never belittle the things that are happening in your life.  But to help you with your perspective, no matter what is happening in your life right this minute, you are NOT nailed to a cross!!  Praise God for that!  Jesus WAS nailed to a cross for coming to save all of us and when you are at your lowest, Jesus comes to put His arms around you and lift you up and PROMISE you that things will be all right.  JESUS DIED FOR YOU!!!  AND ME!!  AND EVERYONE!!!!

When your at your lowest and things seem like they will never change, just look at Jesus.  How you ask?  Just look outside and focus in on a tree.  It was a tree just like that tree that the Romans carved into a rugged cross.  Then when the even the Roman ruler could find no guilt in Jesus and wanted to free Him, HIS OWN PEOPLE YELLED CRUCIFY HIM!!!  At least no one is yelling that about you!!

Things can always be worse.  When your feeling horrible, it is your perspective that causes that.  When you change your perspective and focus on God, your problems get smaller, I promise.  It took me years to understand this principle but when I finally got it, my entire life changed.  Sure I still have problems, we all do, and that’s ok.  We should know that when we feel low, Jesus will lift us high.  Won’t you ask him to life you up right now?


Pastor Brad Komgenick
God’s Light Christian Counseling


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