Hope is one of the single most important emotions that we can feel.  It is only when we feel that situations become hopeless that we begin to let in all of the negative emotions that can ruin our lives.  In truth, hopelessness is the one emotion that, when we give in to it, we truly have hit bottom and we find ourselves as far away from God as we can get.

God is a God of love and of hope.  Take the book of Job for instance.  Here is a man who had it all, then had it all taken away in the blink of an eye.  Then we are taken into his life and shown how we are to deal with seemingly hopeless situations.

Job’s own wife told him it would be better off for him to just “curse God and die.”  Now please don’t put blame on Job’s wife.  Can you imagine what it must have been like to have been living a great life filled with the love of many children and the blessings that God had given them such as much land and much wealth?  To have all of your children killed in a storm would be utterly devastating for sure.  Job’s wife is given to us as an example of what can happen to us when we focus on the problem and not the problem solver!

Throughout all of Job’s problems, which included his “holier-than-thou” friends coming by to “set him straight” and tell him to “get more faith”, the loss of most of his family, and the loss of all his possessions, Job shows us that no matter what, if we keep our focus on God, not only will God make things right for us, He will bring us through stronger and more ready to serve Him than ever before!

The Bible tells us Job’s life was restored to him “three fold” meaning he and his wife and 3 times as many children, three times as much land, and three times as many resources as before.  A couple of things to note here that many people miss in the story of Job:

  1. Let’s not forget that while Job would have more children, the loss of his original children would remain with him for his lifetime. Therefore this is also a lesson for us in how to handle grieving – keep your focus on God and not your problem.
  2. Notice Job’s wife is there with him during the restoration!  This is the same woman who told Job to curse God and die.  This is an example to us that God was not mad at her for what she said during her obviously emotional tirade.  God knows us and knows our hearts.  God was not surprised at what she said to Job, in fact God was just waiting to see what Job’s answer would be.  Job reminded his wife that if they could accept the sunshine during the great times, then they must accept the rain during the storms.  God was pleased with this for sure.

Please never lose your hope.  If you do, you know your focus is out of whack.  Look to God for help, strength, and the hope that whatever is your problem today will be your memory tomorrow and you will be better for it.

Praise God for never giving us more than we can handle.  Praise God for using our adversity to remind us to rely on Him and for using it to make us stronger believers.

Pastor Brad Komgenick
God’s Light Christian Counseling

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