Heard It All Before? I Hope So!

Just this morning I was talking with a woman and she was sharing her current struggles with “doing life” with me.  She was telling me that she knew that there had to be more to life than the one she was currently living.

Her husband wasn’t as attentive as she wanted him to be.  Her children were not the least bit ambitious, settling for retail jobs and partying with friends instead of going to college and “making something of themselves”.  Her job was the largest source of anxiety she had – she shared with me that she was probably the least liked person there and likewise, she did not like anyone there.  Basically, this poor woman’s life was a mess.

I began by asked her how her relationship with Jesus was.  Boy did I get an ear full!  “Don’t start with that Jesus stuff!  I’ve heard it all before!  Yes I believe in Jesus and one day I’ll see Him in Heaven, but right now no one can see Him or hear from Him so please don’t waste my time with that.”  W-O-W!

“Jesus stuff?”  I wonder what exactly “Jesus stuff” is?  It did not take long for me to diagnose what this woman’s issue is.   When God’s Word, or strengthening your relationship with Jesus becomes “Jesus stuff” to you, then you have a serious  “focus problem”!

I understand.  Many Christians, especially those who have been Christians for many, many years hear Bible verses and stories of Jesus working in peoples lives and it loses its meaning for them.  It becomes “just another sermon” to them.  If this is you, please realize this is exactly where Satan wants you to be – a Christian who doesn’t really care if they are a Christian or not.

I reminded my friend that God had been there for her many times in the past and He is simply waiting for her to put her pride away, cancel the pity party and refocus her efforts on strengthening her dependence on God.  God loves us more than we can ever know and He simply waits for us to remember how dependent we are on Him for all things.  When our relationship with God is where it needs to be, God honors our lives and work and our relationships with others.  When we depend on ourselves, well take take God’s job and that does not please Him.  After all, can you create the Heavens and the Earth and everything in the in 6 days?  I thought not.

As a counselor, I realize that you may have read the Bible a hundred times before and it all seems like old hat.  But when you approach the Bible with gratitude and contentment, you will always find new things that God wants to tell you in there.

Never, ever get complacent with the Word of God!!  See it new and fresh each day and watch your worries melt away when God gives you His “peace that is beyond all Earthly understanding”

With love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick



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