Making Excuses


Why did God call to Adam after he had eaten the forbidden fruit?  Didn’t the Lord know where Adam was?  Of course He did!  Adam was hiding out of shame just as we do when we have sinned.

Understand that God didn’t ask Adam questions to get information from him.  God asked Adam to receive a response – God wanted to hear from Adam what was driving his thoughts and decisions.  God also does the same for us.

All to often we give God excuses.  We rationalize our actions or blame others for our mistakes instead of accepting the blame ourselves and being truthful with God.

When we turn to God in truth and confess our wrongdoings and sins and ask Him for His forgiveness, He ALWAYS gives us His grace and mercy and forgiveness.  Also, when we confess our sins to God we will hear ourselves admitting to our mistakes which helps us to remember to think twice before committing them again.

God knows your past, your future, your personality, your woundedness, and everything that makes you who you are – and He loves you anyway, and He always will.  God never gets mad at us for making mistakes.  His heart simply grieves for us when we make mistakes and refuse to be honest with Him about them and make excuses for them instead of owning them.

So don’t hide from God like Adam and Eve did.   You cannot hide from God no matter where you go or what you do.  Instead, be open and honest with God and let him heal you and forgive you so that you can live the abundant and joyful life He wants to give you.

Father, we have all been hiding areas of our lives because of our inward shame at letting you down.  Please set us free and restore our joy of your free gift of grace to us.  In Jesus name, AMEN!

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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