Who Is Going To Heaven Because of You?


If I asked you, “Who is going to be in Heaven because of you?” how would you answer?

You don’t have to be a Pastor and baptize someone for them to get to Heaven.  You can simply share your faith with them and help them to realize that there is nothing more important that where they will spend all eternity.  Help them to make the decision that Jesus is Lord and Savior and help them to realize that with a simple prayer and accepting Christ as Savior, they too can be with you forever in perfect Heaven, in a perfect body, in a perfect relationship with every there, especially Jesus!

God has equipped all of us with very special talents.  If we never find out what they are, we waste them.  It took me almost 40 years to realize I cannot go a day without wanting to listen to peoples problems and help them live the life God wants them to live.  Therefore, I had to take the risk and throw away a very comfortable career to enter the ministry and begin counseling.  God asked – I answered – now I get to do what I am passionate about.

Don’t you want the same?  Don’t you want the same for those you love?

Then what are you waiting for?  Share your faith with them!  Ask God to show you what your talents are and then when he leads you to what you should be doing, take the risk and do it.

Or else keep enjoying the same old drudgery you are stuck in now and forever ask yourself, “What if?”

God is not a God of “what if’s”!  He is a God of “Let’s go!  What are you waiting for?”

Father I pray that whomever reads this message will take the step out in faith to trust you as I did and begin living the life you planned for them before they were ever even born!  Further I pray that they will share their faith with others so that not a single person will go without hearing your Word and learning about Heaven.  Thank you for your patience with us as we can be very timid when it comes to risking our comfort.  Let me be proof that when you take that first step in faith and trust in You God, the best life possible will open up to them through You.  In Jesus name I pray, AMEN!!!!

Pastor Brad Komgenick


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