Prayer Requests Welcome

I am blessed to be a part of a very large prayer group, over 25,000 people strong, and it includes current and former pastors, counselors, and teaches from Liberty University and churches all across the world.

Whenever a prayer request comes in, we turn it in to a world wide discussion board that then sends it out to all members and then as soon as each person can, we pray for that specific need of the prayer request.

I cannot tell you how much God answers prayer, especially when 25,000 people join together to lift someone up to God.  We have seen so many people receive help via this group that I couldn’t begin to name them all.  We have seen people who were in extreme pain receive relief soon after we prayed for them.  We have seen people who were given days to live be healed and are now managing their health issues.  We have even seen people who were on the brink of suicide make decisions to tell others and get the help they desperately need.

I say this to let anyone reading this know that if you ever have a prayer request, I pray that you will send it to me!  I know that often people do not want others to see what their request so if you have a request, please email it directly to me at and I promise you that within minutes of my receiving it, you will have a dedicated group of Pastors and Counselors raising up your request to God.

I really do not care what the prayer request is, with the exception of praying to win the lottery.  God will never answer that one, sorry!  But even if you are praying to have a better week this week, no issue that is bothering you is too small for us to pray for.

Jesus said that, “when two or more gather in my name, I will be with them.”  So can you imagine what He does when 25k gather and ask for help?  Well I can tell you from experience, good things usually happen.

Now before you say, “Are you guaranteeing me I will get what I pray for?, the answer to that is a resounding “no”.  Many people we pray for have not seen things change for them as well.  Why?  Well you have to ask God and that person about that.  God has a plan for everyone and sometimes that plan is for them to pass away from cancer, or a car accident.  God’s will is always perfect and even a group of 25k Pastors praying will not move Him from what He needs to get done.  But let me reassure you that this prayer group has had astounding results to date and this group only continues to grow.

So again, if you have any prayer requests, please email them to me and I will get right on them!

Father, on this beautiful Sunday evening that You have made, I pray to You that is anyone is hurting physically or mentally that they would reach out to me so that I can raise up their needs to You.  We know that You already know what they need God, but when we talk with you about it, we show You that we understand that we need You to help us with these issues – we cannot help ourselves with our own needs.  And Father, we have seen how You answer when two or more people come together and pray to You and we thank You for that and You love for us.  In Jesus name, AMEN!

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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