I Love You!


Who did you tell today, “I Love You!”?  Hopefully it was more people than you could count!

Scientists have taken pictures of the brain when people were told that they were loved and the brain lights up like a Christmas tree when it receives the signal for love.

Love is a base human need.  From the time we are babies, love is an emotion that we must receive in order to survive.  If you left a baby in a crib and it was never touched by a human for one year, the baby would be incapable of expressing love!  That was a sobering thing for me to read during my psychology classes.

I speak with many people each week who seek counseling for various things going on in their lives.  I speak with individuals and businesses who are looking for someone to tell them how to fix a specific problem.  For example individuals want to discuss bad childhoods, divorce, questions concerning faith in God, stress, and addictions.  Businesses talk to me about wanting their employees to work smarter, to get along with others better, and to complain less.

I may put myself out of business but this is so important that I want to share the solution with you, the loyal readers of this blog – love is out of whack somewhere!

“How on earth can love be the problem at work, Pastor Brad?”  Good question – glad you asked!  For example, if your employees are afraid for their jobs, they are not going to work very hard for you, nor will they have the courage to bring up issues to you.  In fact, they are going to spend the better part of their day looking for a job with a company that will value them.  So how do you fix this?  Love them more, appreciate them more, give them more control over their work lives.  Studies have shown that when employees feel appreciated and empowered, they work longer, harder and smarter without the employer having to micromanage them in any way!  In fact, they cheerfully come to work and give their all.  That is the power of love in the workplace.

For the individuals, the same problem exists.  Love is out of whack.  Take someone who is depressed for example.  At its very core, depression stems from the feeling of a lack of love and worth.  But we have to remember that even when we feel that no one loves us, and that maybe we are even unlovable, God created us as individuals that He loves – He loves us so much that he sent His Son to die so that we can live forever in Heaven!  There is no reason to ever feel that no one loves you – God loves you for sure.  God tells you this in the Bible over 200 times, oh an God cannot tell a lie by His very own character!

The best help I can ever give anyone is to help them change their focus.  When you look only at your problems, all you will see are your problems.  And the more you look at something, the larger it gets.  Therefore, change your focus to the awesome love that God gives you and the more you focus on that, the larger it will get!  Before long your heart will dance and sing with overwhelming joy as it fills itself with love!

Finally, the Bible teaches that you get what you give – you reap what you sow.  What I mean is, the more people that you tell that you love them, the more you will get that in return from others.  You can tell friends how much you love them and appreciate them – you can of course tell your significant other how much you love them and how much they mean to you – same with your kids (want to change a kids entire day, smile at them, tell them you love them and that you are proud of them!) – you can even tell co-workers what traits they have that you love!

God is love.  He wants you to feel that love every day.  Never lose sight of His love.  Send love out into the world as often as you can.  I promise it will come back to you much larger than it was when you sent it out!

With love!

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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