Running The Race of Life

running the race of life

Let me ask you a few questions, and I trust that you will answer them truthfully:

  • Where are you going with your life?

  • What are you trying to accomplish with your life?

  • What have you accomplished with your life so far?

These questions can be quite sobering.  In fact, they can really get under your skin, especially if you have no real answer to any of them.  In the Psychology world, these are questions we ask when we are trying to understand the “goals and purposes” that people are living for.  These questions really make you think, that is if you truly care.

You see, so many of just are just “running the race of life” and simply hoping that one day we will make it to some kind of finish line, which for most people is some form of ‘retirement’.

Do you really think that is what God created you for?

I pray that you will review my questions again, this time with a reflective mind and truly assess where you are right at this minute with these questions.  Most people will simply click off this post because they are too afraid to assess where they are and what they have accomplished for fear that what they will find is little progress has been made and no goals have been set.

Are you even on the right track?  “How do I find out?” you ask?  Ok here is another question that will help you answer that – Are you just doing what you want to in life or are you doing what God has called you to do and what God created you to do?

Dang it, another tough question!!!  Well if God has a purpose and a plan for your life (and the Bible says in many different books that He indeed has plans for your life, plans to prosper you in fact) then it makes a great deal of difference which way you are headed and what you try to accomplish!

Let’s keep going with the tough questions – When you die (and you will, we all will) and you are standing next to Jesus (and we all will no matter what anyone else tells you), what do you want Jesus to say about your life?

I know, most people will never make it this far in this post.  They will choose to just keep on running so that they never have to answer these questions or face the reality of the answers they come up with.  But since you are still here with me – what have you come up with for answers?

Hebrews 12:1 says, “Let us run the race of endurance fixing our eyes on Jesus”

Don’t you just absolutely love the Bible?  I know I do.  No matter what the question is, the answers are always right there, waiting for us to find them.

The originator of your race was not you – is was God!

What did God have in mind for you when He created you and saved you from eternity in hell?  Don’t know?  Then let me help you – God’s objective is to conform you into the likeness of His Son, Jesus Christ.

You see, the people who set their minds and hearts to be obedient to God ALWAYS WIN THE RACE!!  Never take your eyes off this goal, even if you stumble from time to time like we all do.

Satan is our opponent in this race and his goal is to get you off God’s perfect plan for your life.  The Bible shows us time and again how Satan tempted the vast majority of the people in the Bible.  Some of these people kept their eyes on God and were able to win their races.  Others fell to the temptations and the pressures and they lost their races.

I want you to be a winner of your personal race, so please keep your eyes on God’s plan for you.  What do you need to do to help you win your race?  You can start by reading yesterdays post entitled “What Does God Look For In Us?”  This post outlines the life lived by winners of the race.

I’ll see you at the finish line in Heaven!!!  I’ll have some cold water and a towel for you – you deserve it for making it this far!!

Father God, You created each person alive as a unique individual and You told us that You have plans to better us, guide us, protect us, and prosper us.  Yet we are often tempted by the world and by Satan to stray off the race path.  God, we pray to you today that You will never lose patience with us and will correct us when we stray and remind us what the true goal of the race is – being like Jesus – being generous, trusting in You, being a person of integrity with foundations in truth, being humble, grateful and prayerful.  Thank you for helping us to win the race God and we look forward to seeing you in the stands, on Your throne, at the finish line.  In Jesus Christ precious name I pray, AMEN!!!!!

If you made it all the way through this post – thank you!  I write this blog for a few reasons:

1.  I have a passion to help any person who is hurting or who is in need of Christ in their lives

2.  I cannot stand the thought of a single person having to spend eternity in hell

3.  God showed me that my gift is to help people understand the Bible and then challenged me to do just that, so I will.

I truly care about each and every one of you and if you ever need to talk or need Professional Counseling, I pray you will reach out to me and let me help.  You can leave comments below the post, you can email me at, and soon the website will be ready.

May God always smile on you and bless you in every way!!!!


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