Do you believe in miracles?  Do you think that Jesus still does miracles in our world today?

I do!  Being part of a prayer group that gets prayer requests on a daily basis, I can tell you for certain that miracles certainly do happen.  Now things like parting the Red Sea are not the kind of miracles I am talking about.  These types of miracles will not happen in our day.

Why not you ask?  It goes back to the story of the rich man Lazarus who treated his servants poorly and then died.  When he died, he found himself in Hell.  He asked for only a single drop of water to cool off and he was refused.  Then he asked for the Saint to go and tell his family that they need to heed the words of Jesus or else they would end up in Hell as well.  He was then told that, “they have had Jesus with them and have seen His miracles and yet they still do not believe.  Therefore they would not believe my telling them.”

That’s the problem with miracles it seems – they are amazing when people see them, but then minutes later they seem to be forgotten about as we move on with life.  For example, the people of Israel had just first hand witnessed Moses parting of the Red Sea so that their very lives would be saved from Pharaoh and the Egyptians, then the next day they were complaining because they had more to eat when they were slaves!!!  Talk about ungrateful??  How about the fact that you are still alive and that God was dropping manna (bread) from Heaven for them to eat!!!

Yes, miracles would not do us much good these days.  After all, to listen to people talk, everything is a miracle.  iPhones are a miracle, the internet is a miracle, the way Beyonce looks is a miracle!!!  The word miracle has lost a lot of its meaning.

Yet I have been asked to pray for people whose situations seem hopeless and then God hears the prayers of thousands of people lifting up the person in need and He acts on those prayers and saves the person.  This of course would never make the evening news as it is not a scandal.  Just this past week I was asked to pray for a newborn baby that was given only hours to live due to a blockage in his lungs that the doctors said “could not be fixed”.  After calling the prayer group and getting them started on 24 hours of straight prayer, I received word that the baby was “somehow 100% better – in fact it was as if it never even had an issue.”  Now you may not believe in miracles, but when things like this happen all the time, I choose to believe in miracles.

After all, God created everything there is – why could He not choose to save a little baby?  Ok I know what many will say – how does God choose whom He saves and whom He lets die?  The answer is, that is for God to know and maybe for u to find out when we meet Him in person.  What god chooses to do is none of my business.  I do not have the audacity in me to question His ways and methods.  I simply choose to listen to what God said, “When two or more gather in my name, I will be there with them and I will hear their prayers.”

I hope you do believe in miracles.  They happen all around you every day, you just need to choose to see them.  Ever watch a caterpillar turn into a butterfly?  Ever hold a new born baby in your arms?  Ever hear of a person given a death sentence by a doctors that all of a sudden has their illness go totally away?  If you can explain these things to me as anything but miracles, I’d be willing to let you try.  But my God is such a huge, loving, awesome God that y guess is your explanation will fall far short of Him.

If the Bible is to be believed (and it is) the next major worldwide miracle that everyone will see will be the return of Jesus Christ to claim His church before the rapture.  When will that happen, with any luck, any minute now!!   Would you even believe it if it did?

Let me leave you with this – If Jesus walked into your church next Sunday morning, would He even be recognized, much less welcomed?

With love, and a belief in the miraculous,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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