Reaching Your Goals


The best advice I often give people is this – change your focus to change your outcomes.

I often hear these types of things from people who are not achieving what they hope to from life – “I’m very focused on what I do not want to happen in my life.  If I can ensure these things do not happen, then I will get where I want to be.”

This is very far from the truth.  Actually what they are telling me is “I am very focused on what I do not want in life.”  They are setting their targets on the very things they do not wish to have in their lives.  Yet this is so incredibly common that it makes me want to cry some days.  You will get what you focus on – the Bible teaches this and life proves it out over and over.  Do you know why Larry Bird was so great at basketball?  It was all he focused on, day in and day out.  He would not stop until he reached is goal.  In fact Larry once said, “There was no way I could NOT make playing basketball my full time job.  I could not have done anything else.”

We must STOP thinking about what we do not want and START focusing our energy, thoughts, time, and prayer on what we DO want.  In fact write down EXACTLY what it is you want.  This way you will have a hard time forgetting or losing sight of what it is you have your heart set on.  It does not matter what it is, writing it down will help.  Next, tell others exactly what it is you want.

Take me for example – I have told everyone around me who will listen that I am trying to lose weight.  Why would I do that?  Here is why, people deep down love to help others and if they can do that by reminding you what NOT to do, then all the better!  For example, if I am at work and I start to order something for lunch that I should not eat, I have 10 people at the ready just waiting to remind me that what I am about to order is bad for me!  They instantly remind me of my goals, as well as reminding me that I am taking actions to NOT get closer to my goal.  Let others help you – tell them what you want.

Next you must take some action, no matter how small, every day to move towards what you want.  When I wanted to become a Pastor and a Christian Counselor, I first decided that is what I wanted to do with my life.  Next I talked to people who were Pastors and asked what I needed to do.  Next I enrolled in the college that would give me the certifications I needed to be a Pastor.  You see, each day I took action towards my goal.  Today, I am a Pastor and a Christian Counsel!!  Of course, I prayed each and every day for God to help me and to bless my goals and bless my work toward them, especially when the work got unbearable and hard!!  Even if you take action every day, you must ALWAYS include God in your plans.  If God does not bless them, then all the work will not matter.

How will you know if God is blessing them?  For me, I took an action and then assessed how successful it was.  The vast majority of them were successful.  The ones that were not were the ones that taught me I was heading in the wrong direction.  For example, before my school was complete, I had the opportunity to get involved with a very small church that had the opportunity for me to very quickly work my way into a pastoral position.  But God did not bless that because obviously I was not ready.  I stayed the course and here I am!

Finally, never let anyone but Jesus shape your life!  Your goals are important to you or else you would not have made them.  Let me tell you from experience, there will be people who purposefully try to discourage you and tell you your making a mistake.  Just smile at those people and when you succeed, propose a toast to them at your party you throw yourself for succeeding!

God is ready, willing and able to help you reach your goals.  When your goals align with God’s plan for your life, they will succeed.  God never asks us to do anything that He will not make us successful at.  Also, please make sure that you are not afraid to succeed!!  Many people stop short of reaching their goals when they realize how much work it will take once you succeed.  My days right now go on forever with work if I let them.  I worked a full time job and went to school full time as well and was a functioning member of a very active family.  But it is worth every drop of blood, sweat, and tears it took to get here.  Outside of the love of God and my family, there is nothing here on Earth better than knowing that I am able to help people leave things like depression behind and live a life full of love and happiness.  And I get to do that daily!!!

I pray that you will define your goals, take actions every day to reach them, ask God every day to bless your work to reach your goals, and then tell me all about it when you finally reach them!

Have an amazing and blessed weekend friends!

With love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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