A Cornucopia of Wisdom About God


I always love pouring through my notes at the end of the week.  God favors me by reminding me of a lot of the wisdom He shared with me during the week that I then share with others to help them get through their life issues.  So I thought this evening, “Why keep all of this to myself?”

So please enjoy some seeds of wisdom that have been used this week to help many others through some trying times this week.  Maybe you might be able to use some of these yourself?

“Never tell people to “try harder” or “have more faith.”  Instead call them to live by faith in the work of Christ.  Having faith in Christ will see you through hardships well before anything we can ever do by ourselves.”

“You cannot win God’s love and blessing by “living right”, “being good”, or “good deeds”.  God is happy your doing good things with your life, but even non-believers in Christ do these things.  Impress Him by believing in His Son who died for your salvation.”

“Be wise about what is good and innocent to what is evil.”  (Romans 16:19)

“A true believers faith is never destroyed by persecution or trials because Jesus is right there with us in it.”

“Peace comes not only after suffering but DURING it as well if you will only look for it.”

“Satan’s favorite things to tell us: ‘You do not deserve anything but failure’, ‘Never risk anything, it will always turn out horrible for you’, ‘Stop wishing and hoping for things that you know will never come true’.  (Satan sucks!!)

“Faith – believing in things which cannot be seen”
“Faith – keep hoping when the NEVERS of life attack us”
“Faith – maintaining belief when even years pass with no answers”
“Faith – hanging on when human reason screams ‘GIVE UP'”

“The only NEVER you should focus on is that God will NEVER leave you, forsake you, or give you more trouble than you can handle”

“YOU ARE NOT ALONE” – this one is very important – you are never alone in your pain or suffering or depression.  Never forget this one!

Have an amazing weekend and I thank you from my heart for coming to my blog and spending your precious time reading the ramblings of a person whose hope it is for the world to be a better place, at least until we reach our ultimate destination.

With love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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