The “Zap”

When we find ourselves in a situation where we have a lesson to learn from God we end up thinking that we have a couple of choices – we can have God ‘zap’ us and teach us instantly or we can wait on God’s timing.

What we really want is for God to just “zap” us and teach us the lesson so we can get on with life.  We actually think this is a choice!  We are just too busy to wait for things, including God these days.  We have to have everything right now, including learning the lessons God wants us to learn.

Unfortunately, God is timeless and therefore time means nothing to Him.  God can literally wait forever if He chooses.  We think we cannot wait even a day.

When we have decisions to make, we very rarely consult God because we think either that God won’t answer us or that He will take too long to give His answer.  Yet when we do not ask God what His will is, we always miss out on receiving God’s very best for us.

Never asked to be ‘zapped’.  Just be patient and wait on God.  No matter how long it takes, wait on God.  I myself have had some opportunities in life that I simply let go by because I did not receive a very clear answer from God on what He wanted me to do in the situation.  As it turns out, if I would have acted and did what I wanted to do, I would have paid a very large price for doing so.  God’s best is what we always want no matter how long it takes.

With love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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