Prayer Request Update!!

So does prayer really work??  Care to hear some proof?

Last week alone, my prayer group was asked to pray for a woman who lives in Illinois who had been fired, out of the blue, from a job she held for over 8 years.  She has been unable to find a job for almost two years now.  She emailed me to pray for her because within six months, her family would have to sell their home just to continue to live.  I am so extremely happy to say that this lovely lady is now wonderfully employed at a job she described to me as “a job I never should have qualified for”, and furthermore her salary doubled!  God hears prayers!

Next, we prayed for a little girl in Tennessee who was in an auto accident with her Grandmother.  Unfortunately the Grandmother was killed in the wreck, and the little girl was in a coma for a few weeks.  We prayed intensely for the little girl as well as for the family who was feeling the intense loss of the Grandmother as well as the uncertainty of the little girls condition.  I got the call on Saturday that this little angel finally woke up! With a lot of help from doctors and a lot of work on her part, she is expected to make a full recovery!!  God is awesome!  God hears prayers!

Next, we were asked to pray for a man in Ohio who was sure he was about to lose his business because of an honest mistake he had made with his bookkeeping.  HE found the error and HE reported the error immediately to the IRS and his accountant.  HE did the right thing.  He then he got a letter saying that the IRS would more than likely sue him for the error which would force him to close down his business.  This man emailed me over the weekend to let me know that the “prayers had to have worked” because he received a call from his account, who had gotten a call from the IRS, and it seems they reviewed the case and deemed it “not worthy to pursue.”  Hmmmm?  Does God hear prayers?  God hears prayers!!!

Now could all of this be total coincidence?  Depends on your faith and what you believe in.  I now have over 300 documented cases just like the ones I have written here for you in this post.  Jesus promises us that, “Where two or more gather in my name, I will be there with them.”   So what do you think happens when 25,000 pastors, counselors, and students all start praying for people at once?  Do you think Jesus is in that?  Absolutely!  God hears prayers!

Therefore let me urge you again – if you have ANY prayer requests, either leave them in the comments of this post or you can email them to me at  I never share these requests with anyone outside of my prayer group.

I would never claim that every prayer we make gets answered because they do not.  Only God has that power, I certainly do not.  There are many people we have prayed for that are still battling their trials.  But it is always better to let God know that people are praying for you than to struggle alone in silence.  God smiles when he sees you reaching out to others when you need help.

To those of you who struggle yourself or those of you who are struggling with loves ones with Alzheimer’s disease, or cancer, or MS,  or depression, or joblessness, or pain, or suffering, or persecution, or hate, or shame – help might be just a prayer away.  These prayers will cost you absolutely NOTHING, but Jesus paid with His life so that you have the ability to pray for help!!!

It is not a sign of weakness to ask for prayer or help!  In fact it shows your strength that you are well aware that you need help and that you need others to help you.

Accept Jesus’ help and accept our help as well.  It only takes a minute to send me an email and that will start nearly 25,000 people praying for you, your situations, your families, and for your healing and salvation.

What are you waiting for???

I’ll be waiting if you need me!

With love and anticipation,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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