Getting Through Prayer

Praying Woman

Has this ever happened to you – you get ready to say your prayers before you head to bed for the evening and the room is quiet and dark and it is just you and God together.

You have what you want to say in your mind so you get started like normal – “Holy Father God, firstly I would like to specifically pray for my brother Bill who has had a hard time with his health lately.  You see he has had severe pain in his back and……..did I remember to turn off the lights in the kitchen before I went to bed?”

Huh???  Everything was going along great, that is until that last sentence.  So there you are taking advantage of your right as a child of God to talk with God and spend some time with Him and totally out of the blue your mind drifts.  You think about some dumb lights being left on instead of the fact that you are in the presence of God and you were just speaking with Him a moment ago!  How does this happen?

Well as a Pastor this is easily explained.  Firstly, Satan.  Satan absolutely, positively cannot stand it when you pray to God.  We are never more powerful and closer to God than when we pray, so naturally Satan hates prayer.  So he will throw all types of nonsense your way when you get serious about your prayer life.  Secondly, everything about our society today tells us that we have to be multitasking every waking moment of the day.  This means we are training our brains and our thought processes to never stay on one thing very long at all.  We can be distracted by the smallest things when we think we need to be thinking about everything all at once.

” Satan absolutely, positively cannot stand it when you pray to God”

So when this happens to you, and I promise you it happens to everyone at one time or another, the best thing to do is actually to apologize to God for being distracted.  After all, if your best friend were sitting right next to you and you were talking to them and you just stopped and wondered if the lights were left on you would feel pretty bad about that the minute you realized what you did and you would apologize for your actions.  God deserves no less.  God understands us – everything about us actually.  He understands we live busy lives and it is hard for us to concentrate for long lengths of time.  This is why church sermons today are around 30 minutes, and 20 years ago they were always a little over an hour!  Try preaching for an hour today and you will lose your entire congregation!

After you apologize to God, just start back where you were and continue on without guilt or shame.  Again, God understands.  My guess is by now He is probably laughing at us over it!  God hears millions of people talking to Him all at once and can even answer multiple people at one time, yet we cannot focus much longer than 5 minutes these days.

Prayer time should be cherished by us and it should always be a very special time for us.  We should worship God, bring our petitions for other people to Him, bring our own requests to Him, and always end by thanking Him for the greatest gift given to man, Jesus Christ.  Always end with “In Jesus name, Amen.”  Why?  Because again were it not for Jesus we would not even have the right to speak to God, so obviously we need to pray in Jesus name to show God we know who Jesus is and what He did for us.

May your prayer time always be daily and may it fill you with the grace of God who loves you!

I hope you have an amazing weekend and may God bless you and your family!

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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