The “T”‘s of True Friendship


If I asked you, “Do you have any real, true friends?” how would you answer?  Now I’m not talking about casual friends that you see every once in a while, and who you would not share very intimate things with.

Here, I am talking about that friend who delights you when they enter the room.  That friend who helps develop you as a person and as a Christian.  That person who drives you to be all that they know you can be.  That person who will drop everything to come to your aid when you call them and never expect anything in return.  That person who will never judge you when you tell them how badly you messed things up.

This is a very special type of friend, and it takes a very long time to build this type of friendship with another person, but when you do, you hold on tightly to them and you never let go.

But building this type of friendship requires some special “T”‘s from you, so I will list them out here to remind you of them:

  • Time – you must be willing to invest time in your true friends.  This means talking with them when you may not feel like talking.  This means helping them do things that you may not doing doing yourself.  This means investing all the time it takes for them to know that you are truly invested in them like they are in you.
  • Triumphs – by this I mean that when your friend calls you to tell you they got the raise or promotion of a lifetime, you are just as happy for them as you would be for yourself.  As well, when you call them and tell them about your promotion, they are ready to celebrate as if they had gotten it themselves.  A true friend would never be jealous over your triumphs and you should never be jealous of theirs.
  • Trials – bad things are going to happen.  When they do, you will always drop whatever your doing and be there for your true friends, and they will do the same for you.  A true friend never judges or throw platitudes at you in the middle of your suffering.  They just sit with you in the moment and let you know they are there.  You would do the same for them.
  • Thankful Heart – you are always thankful that you have this type of friend in your life because I am telling you in today’s world of selfishness and greed, these people are few and far between.
  • Thoughtfulness – you should always put your friends wants and needs before your own.  This one can be very hard, but with the right friend, it is actually pretty easy.  Always be thoughtful in remembering special days, dates, and anniversaries with your true friends as it is these types of things that set a true friend apart from a casual friend.
  • Transparency – with a true friend, you are totally transparent.  You are just you and not who they want you to be.  What you see is what you get with a true friend.
  • Truthfulness – without truth, you do not have a true friend.  True friends are always truthful with each other even when it might hurt.

Of course, the best friend you will ever have is Jesus Christ.  You would have to look far and wide to find a friend who would be willing to be nailed to a cross to pay for something that you did wrong.  Jesus did that for you!  You will find that when you keep a true friendship with Jesus, your earthly friendships become much deeper and more fulfilling as well.  All of the putting on an air of falseness goes away and you can just be you with no pretenses.

Father, we thank You so much for those people You have sent into our lives who invest in us, make us better people, and are a true joy to live life with.  You have told us God that You created us for two reasons:  1) to have a deep relationship with You, and 2) to have deep relationships with other people.  I pray that we can all be the type of friends to others that we would like for them to be for us.  God I pray that You would help us to model all of our relationships after the relationships Your Son Jesus had while He was with us here on Earth.  Jesus servant heart is a trait I pray that more people who take to heart.  Thank you for your love and patience with us God as we work to deepen our relationship with You and with our true friends.  In Jesus name I pray, AMEN!!!

With love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick


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