Take A Closer Look

moses and the burning bush

Tonight I would like to remind you at just how important it is for us to always be looking and expecting for God to play a part in our lives.  Let’s start with Acts 7:30:

“Forty years later, in the desert near Mount Sinai, an angel appeared to Moses in the flame of a burning bush.  When Moses saw it, he was amazed at the sight. As he went to take a closer look, the voice of the Lord called out to him, ‘I am the God of your ancestors—the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.’ 

This of course is the account of Moses first seeing what appeared to be a fire on Mount Sinai and then going to see what it was all about because Moses had heard that God lived on this mountain.  The above picture is from “The Ten Commandments” and shows Charlton Heston throwing himself on the ground after realizing that he was watching a bush burn yet the bush was not harmed in any way, and then since he was honestly looking for God, God speaks to him.

You see so many people get caught up in the miracle of the bush burning and of course of God speaking to Moses.  I would rather you focus on the text I have highlighted in red.  Why?  Well it is because this is what so very few of us ever do – Moses went to take a closer look.  You see, Moses was expecting to see God on the mountain, not a burning bush.  But Moses made himself climb up the mountain and see what this was all about.  Moses went actively pursuing God and EXPECTING TO FIND HIM!

Do you expect to find God in your life?  If not, why not?  Moses killed a man with his bare hands.  Yet God decided to use Moses to free His people from Egypt.  King David killed his best friend just so he could steal his wife, yet God mightily used King David as we read all through out the Psalms.  God never uses a single “perfect” human in the Bible because on Jesus is perfect.  Therefore, don’t you think God could work in your life too?

I know He can and He will as I am living proof.  My life today is nothing like it was only 10 short years ago and that is because God grabbed a hold of me when I went looking for Him.  But you see, therein lies the key – you HAVE TO GO LOOKING FOR HIM!  God will not just send you a text, or an email, or even knock you over the head.  Instead, God actually put an empty space in your heart that only He can fill.  Let’s call it, “there simply has to be more to life than this!”  We all ask this at one point or another and that is when you know you are ready to go seek God.

The Bible tells us, “seek and you shall find.”  When you honestly and truthfully want or need to find God, He will make Himself known to you.  But you must do your part.  Moses had seen many fires on the mountain before, but this one was different.  God spoke to Moses and changed his life forever.  I sought out God at a lunch table after a call with my Pastor and God changed me forever.

Are you seeking God?  Why not?  Are you living the absolute best life you possibly can without God?  I’ve never yet met the person who has.  That is because you can’t.

God is always trying to get your attention through other people and through the circumstances of your life.  God will never make you seek Him out.  He gave you free will to ignore Him if you like.  But if you do, that hole will never be fulfilled, and neither will your life be truly lived.

Ask yourself, “Is this truly all there is to life? Getting up, going to work, eating, sleeping, rinse, repeat?”  If you are happy with your answer, then I pray that your eyes would be opened to the fact that you have fooled yourself.  Life is truly worth so much more than that.

There’s a part in the Disney movie “The Little Mermaid” where Ariel is in her little treasure trove and she finally comes to realize that even having all of this treasure, what she truly longs for is to be with other people, to be part of their world, a bigger world that she could never know on her own.  This truly have much deeper meaning than a cartoon movie – it mimics our own lives.

We were made for a relationship with God and for relationships with other people.  When we are not in these relationships, we lose out.  We live our lives less than fulfilled and mostly without real meaning.  I know, I was there.  But I can promise you, when you take the time to climb the mountain and look for the burning bush, you will find your significance and purpose in life.  YOU WILL FIND GOD!  Mine is to help other people beat depression, sadness, loneliness, marital problems, family problems, problems at work, and problems with their relationships with God, and let me tell you there is no greater feeling than lifting others up above their issues and problems and watch them begin living life to the fullest.

Are you seeking God?  Only you can answer that.  If not, then it is my prayer for you that you will.  If you do not know how to, then either comment below this post or email me at pastorbradkom@gmail.com and I will gladly show you how.  Life is too short to miss out on God’s best for you!

With love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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