Tonight I would like to turn the focus of the blog over to you the reader.

Seminary and Bible school teaches that every person has some question about God, Jesus, the Bible, The Holy Spirit, Heaven, Hell, or how to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie, yet 99% are afraid to ask because they fear their question will be considered ‘dumb.’

I will be the first to tell you, there is no such thing as a dumb question.  How are we to learn if we do not ask questions.  In fact for the past 4 years I have been asking these very questions and learning their answers so that I can share them with anyone who asks.

So, let me turn the microphone over to you, my dear friends and readers.  Ask me anything that is on your mind and I will happily answer for you.  If you would prefer a private answer, then you can email me at  Otherwise, just post your questions as a common at the bottom of this post and I will answer them for you.

Again, there is no bad question.  I have been asked everything from, “Do animals go to Heaven?”, to “What about little babies or mentally ill people that absolutely cannot accept Jesus as Savior – do they go to Heaven?”, to “I tend to fall asleep when I pray.  Does this anger God?”.

My goal with this blog is to make it a place that you can come to for spiritual and personal growth encouragement, help, and advice.  I view this as a two way street and in order for it to be like that, I would love to hear from you more.

Not only questions but, do you like what you are reading?  Are there any subjects you would like for me to cover for you?  Are there any subject you wish I would not discuss?  I can only be a better source for you if you let me know what you like, want, and need.  Sp please feel free to use the comments or email me and I will gladly respond.

Have an incredibly blessed and amazing weekend, and I look forward to maybe a few questions coming in?  Maybe?  Hopefully!!!

With love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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