What Difference Does It Make If God Exists?


Ok time for some deep thought.  I have been told that blogs that force people to think do not get read.  Also long blog posts never get read and they NEVER get comments or Likes.  Let’s put that to the test shall we?  You the readers will tell me if this is true or not.

The question we will contemplate tonight is – What difference does it make if God exists?

Why am I writing about this?  Well if you are a frequent reader, you will know that I have been helping people recently who have lost someone very close to them.  Last night at a men’s growth group that I run a man who has been a Christian for many years asked me this question during our process group time.  It hit me like a ton of bricks right upside the head!  So I will tell you what I shared with him and if you stay until the end, you will get to read how this ended up!

(NO CHEATING!  Do not ruin it and scroll to the bottom!  The best part of a Twinkie is the filling in the middle so please keep reading!)

I told him……..

To begin, a world where God does not exist has no ultimate meaning, value, or purpose.  In such a world, we are born, we live dull, meaningless, mundane lives of trying to one up everyone else, convince ourselves we are better off than everyone else, work meaningless jobs, and then we die.  No real meaning.  No real value.  No real purpose.  Nobody cares.  In fact without God, man and the universe are ultimately doomed to a single and final death.  The very possibility of a life in Heaven for all eternity could never exist because – no God – no Heaven.  Just death.  You must ask yourself, “Why live if the ultimate goal is death?”

Second, no God, no hope.  There is no hope of ultimate justice in the world.  There is no hope of being resurrected in a perfect body in Heaven to live eternally with those whom we love.  In fact, why love at all if there is no God?  What is the ultimate purpose of it since whoever you love will just die and that’s the end?  By the way, hopelessness is the leading cause of suicide in the entire world!

Third, if there is no God what difference does it make how you live?  There would be no punishment for your actions, no hell to worry about, so why not live like there was no tomorrow?  You will notice that NO ONE LIVES THIS WAY INCLUDING ATHEISTS!!!!  But you HAVE to ask yourself, if they do not believe in God, then what difference does it make?  Your destiny would be unrelated to your faith or behavior – absolutely everything would be permitted, right?  YET NO ONE LIVES THIS WAY!  But why not?

Fourth, if there is no God, then your life is worth no more than an ordinary animal.  No soul, no direction, no say in anything that matters, no knowing anything more than ‘I must eat, I must sleep, and I must breed’.  Do you feel like an animal?  Do you prefer to live like and among animals?

Fifth, without God, everyone is god.  Each person must make up their own purpose, value, and meaning for their lives.  Look how well we do on our own without God.  We are simply amazing without God – amazing at depravity, hedonism, amoralism, murderous acts, and total selfishness.  We have all met that person who acts like they are God right – aren’t they just a pleasure to be around?  Don’t you want to live in a world of those people?

So how does all of this sound to you?  Does having no ultimate meaning, value, and purpose to life sound like a great thing to you?  Does having absolutely no hope for your life and your future sound like something you simply cannot live without?  Are you ready to live in a lawless world where each person lives as they want, takes what they want, and you have to be ok with that?  Do you thrill at the thought of having no more significance to your life than a common worm that crawls through the dirt, or a buzzard who must wait for things to die in order to eat?  Would you prefer to be god yourself?  Would you prefer to just make up your own fake purpose and meaning for your life?


Would you rather live a life of real meaning, real purpose, and real value?  You exist for far more than just working, eating, and reproducing.  God created you for a purpose.  How do I  know that?  Because God said so in the Bible, you know that 2,000 year old Book He had written about why life has meaning, purpose and value!  Your life matters!!  It matters to God, it matters to your friends, it matters to your family, it matter to your co-workers and it matters to me!  Yes, your life has meaning!  Your life has purpose.  As I said, God has a purpose for your life and if you would like to know what it is, get serious and ASK HIM!  God tells us, “Ask and you shall receive.”  God did not mean that you could ask for a new Porsche and it will magically appear.  In the context of the Bible God means, “Ask me what you were created for, and truly mean that when I tell you, you will actually do it, and I will tell you right this minute.”  The key is you MUST BE WILLING  TO DO IT IMMEDIATELY! I’m living proof that this works!  No questioning or waiting.  True faith acts in faith.  Why would God go to all the trouble of telling you His purpose for your life if all you are going to do is say, “Well that’s nice but that’s not what I want to do.”  Your life has value!  Your not some animal.  God created only humans in His image.  This does not mean that we look like God.  It means that we have thoughts, feelings, an eternal soul, and the capacity to think and love.  Never doubt that you have value!  God created you and that’s all you need to hear to know your life has immense value.

With God, hope is alive!  God tells us Heaven is real!  A perfect place where you will never be sad, mad, angry, hungry, tired, sick, depressed, anxious, fearful, too short, too tall, too fat, or too skinny ever again.  You will be perfect.  How do I know?  Jesus came back and showed us that when we resurrect like He did, we will have bodies just like He did.  We will remember who we were, our friends, our family, our lives.  Jesus ate when He came back, so we will eat too, but here’s the best part, we won’t need to, we will because we want to!!!  So no matter what you are going through right now at this moment, your hope for a perfect life awaits you in Heaven – that is if you choose that path.

With a God, there are repercussions to how we live.  Let’s face it, we are all living in a world that even if they claim they do not believe in God, they certainly act like God exists.  Ask anyone, whether they believe in God or not, if it is ok to lie to, cheat them, steal from, or kill them and they will tell you ‘absolutely not’.  Hmmmm, those are straight from the 10 Commandments that GOD GAVE US!!!  God did not give us these to stop us from having fun – He gave them to us so we would not hurt ourselves or others.  Never doubt, when we sin, there are consequences.  And trust me when I say that ultimately we are glad there are consequences.  When someone willfully takes someone elses life, we want justice!  No God, no Justice.  With God, we can be assured that justice will ultimately prevail and God will let us know just how He carried out that justice for us.

I will wrap this up by saying that God is god, and you are not!!  And you do not want to be because you could never handle it!  But make no mistake, God is real.  God exists!  God is love!  God is hope!  God is meaning!  God is purpose!  God gives us value!

God is alive – God loves you – God gave you free will to do as you please – God will never make you love Him – God loves you – God created you, not some space anomaly –  God created you, you did not evolve from some chimp (go to the zoo and you will still see chimps there so this has to be a lie, either that or some of the chimps never got the memo) – God created you for a purpose and it is an awesome one, ask Him what it is! – God is with you every second of every day, you are never alone – God promises you Heaven if you accept Jesus as Savior and God has never broken a promise – GOD LOVES YOU!  GOD EXISTS!


So now I will tell you how the my session ended with the guy at the men’s group. (Thanks for hanging in there with me.  This is not a subject that can be covered in a few paragraphs.  And hey, we proved them wrong that no one will read thoughtful, long posts!  Pat yourself on the back!)

I looked my friend in the eye and I simply said this:

“Choose right now – are you God, is God God, or is there no God?  There are no other choices!”

My friend looked me straight in the eye and started crying.  He was unable to speak for a good 2 minutes.  I cried with him and gave him a hug.  When we settled down, he whispered to me……

“I do not want to live in world without meaning, but right now, I feel like I don’t matter because God took my brother.”

So just by reading that you can see he believes in God because he said ‘God took my brother’.

And that is precisely my point – every single person knows that God is real.  God exists.  There is absolutely no other or better explanation for life.  We have a need to fully know that our lives have meaning, value and purpose, and trust me, they do.  How do I know?


So I end by asking you – “Choose right now!!  Are you God, is God God, or is there no God?”

You know the real answer!!!

With love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

(You made it to the very end!  I dare you to comment or LIKE this post and really prove them wrong!!!  Thank you so much!  You are very valuable to me and I appreciate your time.  Since your here I’ll share an extra bit of info with just you!  God knew you would question whether or not He exists so He had the book of Ecclesiastes written.  In that book, the writer claims that God doesn’t exist and everything in the world in meaningless.  The writer goes on for quite some time but in the end he realizes that the only thing meaningless is a world without God!  Go read it!  It is a great and short book! )

2 thoughts on “What Difference Does It Make If God Exists?

  1. Nice. I am facing such challenge in my belief since I posted my post ‘Does God Really Exist?’ with atheist bombarding me with their theories on youtube.Its quite disturbing I must confess.


    1. Atheists love to try to get Christians thinking about the “facts” that they have, but the truth is, they have fewer facts proving their disbelief than we have to prove our belief. Also, it takes much more effort to be an atheist since they have to do all of the work on their own. WE have God to do the talking for us and that makes it easier. Atheists also tend to attack instead of discuss. This is because their beliefs are mostly baseless and when they get to the end of their “facts” they feel that raising their voices or name calling will help their cause. If you simply keep your Bible near, read it, and ask God about it, you will find answers to every atheist ‘fact’. I pray you will keep fighting the good fight and not let these people get you down!


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