It Makes No Sense

When life seems to make no sense to you, it is then that all you need to remember i that God is now and always has been and always will be in control.  Stop trying to worry and fret and work things out to the way you want them.

It is always best to remember that the Bible tells us that it rains on the just and the unjust alike.  Yes bad things happen to good people and to bad people.  The difference is, when bad things happens to Christians we know where to turn to to help us get through them.  God is always there if we will only ask Him for his strength and His peace to get through the storms.  When we do not turn to God it makes Him sad because what we are in effect saying is that we just do not trust Him to help us in our time of need.  Yet when we do turn to Him and let Him know we are at our wits end, nothing seems to make sense, and we need Him to help us make sense of things, then He will happily step in and ease our suffering.

Paul tells us that he was experiencing a “thorn in his side”.  This was not an actual  physical thorn.  It is thought that Paul was experiencing some physical pain that was stopping him from traveling to the churches he had started.  Paul asked God on three separate occasions to please remove this ‘thorn’ so that he could get back to preaching.  After all, wasn’t preaching what God wanted Him to do?  Sure it was so why was God not removing the thorn?

God knows when we are trying to get things done in our own power and when we are relying on Him.  Paul was not relying on God and therefore not trusting God.  So God refused to remove the thorn.  As soon as Paul realized that He needed God worse than he needed to get his own way, the thorn went away and Paul went back to preaching.

It is no different for us some 2,000 plus years later.

Sometimes, life will make no sense at all.  Four years ago, I laughed when my pastor told me I should become a pastor and a counselor.  “It costs too much”, “It will take up too much of my time”, “I cannot imagine going back to school, especially at my age.”  I had a million reasons why that made no sense at all.

Tonight during men’s group, I brought 11 men into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ!  Now does it cost too much?  Now does it take up too much of my time?  Of course not.  God created me for a reason, and it was not to be happy all the time, have more money than sense, own a mansion with rooms I would never even go into, and drive cars that would get me killed if I ever drove them at the speeds listed on the speedometer.  No, instead tonight I got to help 11 men ensure that we will get to spend eternity in Heaven together!!!

Now that makes sense to me!!!!

Put your trust in God, especially when things seem to make no sense at all.  If you do, they will begin to get very clear for you and your purpose in life will also become clear to you as well.

With love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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