Tonight I’d like to speak about the importance of telling your true story.  What do I mean by this?


Telling our stories is how we authenticate who we really are.


Our lives are our own stories – we live them every day, for better or for worse.  Yet if I were to ask you to tell me your story, would I get the real truth from you about you?  Or would I get a “version” of your story that you want me to know?

Telling our stories is how we authenticate who we really are.  There is power in that sentence so I will repeat it –  telling our stories is how we authenticate who we really are!  When we deny them and put forward lies, or half-truths about who we really wish to be instead of who we really are, then we are living out someone else’s story and we bury our true selves.  We die before we are supposed to.  Further, we are telling God that He made a mistake and we really should be someone else.

I often hear this from people, “Well Brad, I really do not have a story.”  What they are really telling me is this, “Well Brad, I’d rather get eaten by a lion than tell you about me because if I were being honest, I don’t very much like me.  In fact, I can’t stand me and I’d rather be anyone else than me.”

How sad………

The real problem comes in this – when we live a lie out long enough, then we become the lie we are telling – it becomes our new reality.  The truth then becomes fuzzy to you.  You can lose your true self in it.  Then you are forced to live in your lie, which forces your lies to have to get larger and larger to make you feel good about yourself.

God tells us that the truth will set us free.  But God also understands that there is going to be pain in telling the truth.  We are going to have to face things we do not want to face.  We must come to terms with the fact that we did things we are not proud of or wish we never did.  We might even have to face having something done to us that we would never speak about out loud to another human being because of the so-called shame of it.

Please believe me when I tell you this – your healing begins with your true story.  With telling it.  With coming to terms with it.  As well, when you tell your story, you might just be telling it to someone who needs to hear it to understand that they are not alone in their suffering that is their story.

Your story is important.  Your story must never be lost to a lie.  Your story, like all stories, has painful parts in it.  If you are human, and you are, pain is a part of life.  Those who live successfully have learned to face pain head on and drive right through it.  Those who suffer in life let pain define them.

For your sake, tell your story!  Tell it proudly.  It is who you are!  God made you to be you – not to be someone else.  God loves you exactly the way you are.  Out of all the parents in the world, God brought yours together for the sole purpose of making you!  You are special.  You are unique!




Tell your true story.  I’d love to hear it and I’d love to see the healing that comes from your telling it and sharing it with others who need it desperately.

With love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick


3 thoughts on “Stories

  1. A big part of my story is about God bringing me and my husband out of a church with cult like characteristics. But I hesitate to speak of it because the pastors of the church just happen to be my grandparents. I do not want to speak badly of them or defame them, but I feel like my story could help other people. It’s been difficult because I feel guilty when I talk about it to other people but it also does not feel right to never say anything about it because it has been a huge part of my life.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story! It is incredibly brave of you as well as incredibly giving. You must never feel guilt over removing yourself from a situation that you know God does not want you in. I know it hurts even more since it is your grandparents who are leading the church, and I understand why you would not want to speak about it, but speaking about it will be the way to true healing. I will share with you that I have been estranged from my own Mom because of her inability to treat any other human with respect and dignity. She must always be at the center of the universe and I’m sorry but that place is reserved for God. Initially I felt extremely bad about not talking with her, but then brought me to Titus 3:10 where He taught me exactly how to handle people like my Mom and your grandparents. It reads, “Warn a divisive person once, and then warn them a second time. After that, have nothing to do with them.” I tried talking with my Mom for years but she never was willing to correct her hurtful behavior. Therefore, the Bible says I am justified in walking away from a relationship that was extremely hurtful to me, even including one with my Mom. I thank you for sharing your story and I encourage you to keep talking about it. We are our stories and we all have pain in them. By talking about them, we take the power away from the pain. May God bless you, and again I appreciate your sharing and I sympathize with you for sure. You too will come out of this situation a better, stronger person.

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