Here is something that I often use to teach people that, in the end, what matters most is what is inside you and what you let yourself become.

Let’s look at Judas Iscariot for a moment.  Judas studied under the greatest teacher that ever lived – Jesus Christ.  Judas has the opportunity to speak directly with Jesus whenever he wanted to.  Whenever Judas had a question about anything Jesus was teaching all he had to do was walk up to Jesus and ask Him!  Judas saw firsthand the many miracles that Jesus did, included bringing Lazarus back from the dead.

Yet all of that was not what Judas was really all about.  Like Satan, Judas had bigger plans for lots of money for himself and all he had to do was point out Jesus to the authorities.  That was certainly an easy thing to do to make a bag full of gold coins.

When you and I think about the Apostles we often think them to be fools because they actually got to see Jesus do miracles and yet they still did not truly know who Jesus was until He appeared to them after His resurrection.  You and I say, “Man if I had been right there when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, there is no way I would NOT know Jesus was Lord and I would always treat His as such.”

Sure you would.  Then what would you do if the authorities approached you with more money than you had ever seen in years and all you had to do to get it was point out who Jesus was?  I mean after all Jesus is Lord so even if they tried to take him prisoner, He would just save Himself right?   Jesus forgives everyone, so He will forgive me too right?

You see, what Judas brought to his story was that he was greedy, and he was willing to sell out God Himself for a bag of gold!  We as humans are very quick to make excuses for our behavior.  Does it not stand to reason that if Jesus could raise the dead, He would probably already know that you were about to sell Him out?  Well we know that Jesus did know and He even told all the Apostles that Judas would be the one to sell Him out.  Would Jesus pointing you out not be enough to stop you in your tracks about taking that blood money?

Apparently not for Judas because He sold Jesus out anyway.

So let’s stop playing games with each other shall we?  Jesus Christ is God.  He will not be mocked in way.  We cannot fool Him.  We cannot ‘get one over on Him’.  We certainly cannot bargain with Him – what in the world could we possibly have that Jesus would need or want?

The world makes us a ton of ‘promises’.  If we drink the right things, women or men will fall all over us.  If we drive the right cars, then women or men will fall all over us.  ‘Reality’ shows show us what it is like in the ‘real world’, as if we do not have to live in it every single day!  Some folks in Hollywood have taught our young people that why would you bother with school or college when all you need to do is put out a video of yourself nude or having sex.  In other words, “Hey Judas, have you seen the size of this bag of gold?  It can easily be yours.”

So let me finish by being very real with you – that bag of gold you are reaching for?  You can line your casket with it, but it is not worth much more than that.

the mortality rate in the world is 100%.  Always has been – always will be.  There has yet to be a single person who got to take a single cent with them to eternity.  Not a penny.  You bring nothing in with you, you take nothing out with you.

But you can send plenty of things ahead of you to your home in Heaven.  But you will need to forego the bag of gold the world wants to sell you now.   Put others before yourself.  Follow Jesus no matter where He leads you.

After all, in the end, what matters most is what is inside you and what you let yourself become.

With love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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