The Geometry Of Love

Here is a way to think about love that you may have never thought about before.  It uses a little geometry and a lot of God.

I want you to think about love as a triangle:


As you can see from the illustration, when we are far apart from God in our relationship with Him, we are also the farthest apart from our spouses as well.

Yet, when you move up the triangle and get closer to God, notice that you will also get closer to your spouse as well.

Love requires us to first be in a right relationship with God.  This means we are willing to put others and their needs before our own.  That moves us up the triangle.  But when we get selfish or prideful we move down the triangle which means we grow apart from God.

You know, it is utterly amazing these days, with all of the temptations and distractions that we are bombarded with, that any marriages manage to last.  When you talk with people who have been married for a long time though, what you will find is that these people are willing to build walls around their marriage and work every day to make sure that nothing breaches the wall, or the sanctity of their marriage.  Yes it takes a lot of work to have a successful marriage.  You must work to put your spouses needs before yours.  You must work to serve them especially when you do not feel like serving them.  You must actively listen to them when they want your attention.  But remember that they are doing the same for you.

It takes work, but boy is it worth it.  We are all going to make mistakes in out lives, some of them big and some small.  But in the end, if we put our pride aside, stop being selfish, and learn to forgive as we ourselves need to be forgiven, then marriage can truly be what God intended it to be.

How did God intend marriage to be?  Remember when God created everything back in Genesis?  On the first six days as God created things he stepped back and then said, “It is good”.  On the seventh day God created Adam, then He stepped back and said, “It is very good!”  But then he noticed something was wrong with Adam.  Adam watched as the animals that God created were pairing up as mates and Adam learned what it meant to be lonely.  God saw that and said, “Well that’s not good.”  Then God created Eve to be Adam’s wife.  That’s how important marriage is to God.

If you are at the the point in your own marriage or relationship with your significant other that you are considering calling it quits, take a look at the triangle and assess where you are.  It may take work to repair, but God said, “What God joins together, let no man tear asunder.”  Here God is simply telling us, “Don’t give up so easily.  Remember why you got married in the first place?  Remember how that felt?  That feeling is still right where it was in the beginning – at the top of the triangle.  It is you who has moved away from it.  Just come back.”

With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick


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