The Importance of Prayer

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I think we would all agree that prayer is absolutely essential in the life of all Christians.  Yet I get questions all the time about “what is the right way to pray?”, “when should I pray?”, “how often should I pray?”, “should I be praying about winning the lottery and if not, why not?”

As you can tell there are a ton of questions out there about prayer.  As a Christian, we need to have certain convictions about prayer.  Convictions are very strong beliefs that we are not willing to move off of.  We would fight for our convictions to the bitter end.

To begin, do you believe God when He says, “Ask and it shall be given to you”?  What about when God says, “in all things you ask of Me in prayer believing you shall receive it”?  I will tell you as a Pastor, when I pray, I fully walk away believing in my heart that God has already answered my prayer – all I need to do is wait on His timing to receive it.  1 John 5 says, “whatever you ask for IN HIS NAME, He hears us.”  Now there is a very important piece of information I hope you caught onto – IN HIS NAME.  What does it mean to ask for things IN HIS NAME?

When a Christian who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior prays, we are always to end our prayers with, “In Jesus name I pray.”  Why is that?  Jesus gave His life for us on the cross and then He joined His Father in Heaven and there He is sits waiting for the day when He will come down again to take us home.  Until that time, Jesus sits in intervention for us with God.  This means that when we pray and pray in Jesus name, Jesus talks with God and reminds God that we are believers and are prayers are to be heard.

Now if you are not a Christian I have  some very bad news for you.  If you have never accepted Jesus as Savior, your prayer actually go nowhere.  God does not hear them and CANNOT heat them because Jesus does not intercede for you.  This is why it is incredibly crucial that you make that decision to accept Jesus as Savior.

Here are my basic Convictions about prayer:

  1. When we pray, we are to pray according to God’s will, God’s desire, and God’s plan for our lives.  This is why praying to win the lottery is is always a totally wasted prayer.  Do you think it is God’s will for everyone to win the lottery at least once in their lives?  If that were true, God is failing miserably!!!  I will post more on how to find out God’s will for you life in a later post.
  2. We must ask in faith and believe and expect that God will hear us and answer our prayers
  3. We must ask in Jesus name
  4. We must ask with a pure heart.  If we have sin in our lives that we are not confessing, then God tends to tune us out until we confess and repent.  This accounts for why so very many people are not getting answers to their prayers!

Finally, I would like to discuss 3 mistakes that we make when we pray.

  1. We want to help God.  God does not need out help, yet when He does not answer our prayers immediately, we gets antsy and we begin to act and make decisions before God feels we are ready to receive His help.  When this happens, God usually makes us wait even longer, so just save yourself the hassle and just wait on God!  His timing is always perfect.
  2. We give little thought to God.  When we pray, we must always address God properly.  We should call Him “Father God in Heaven”.  Jesus modeled that for us all throughout the Bible.  If you just start praying and treat God as if He were some genie in a bottle, then please do not expect to get a single prayer answered.
  3. We pray without ever reading the Bible.  When we pray, we should pray with our Bibles open.  It keeps us aligned with God’s thinking and His will.

When it comes to prayer, my advice is to pray daily, pray with expectations that God has already answered your prayer because more than likely He already has, have total faith in God that there is nothing He cannot do, and never trust in what the devil says that you are not deserving for God to answer your prayers because the devil always lies!

As always, thank you for spending your time with me today.  I always appreciate your time and I always welcome your comments.  I certainly hope that you will share this post with anyone you know who struggles with prayer themselves.

With love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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