Because God Said So

because God said so

Recently I have had more than a few people write to me and ask questions about the authenticity of the Bible.  Here are some of the questions I have received.  I will not put names to them as the people have asked me not to, and I can understand why.  These people are not challenging anything – they simply want answers to their questions and I think I can help many others by answering these in a group forum.

“How do we know the Gospel writers got it right?”
“Why was the writing of the Gospels delayed for decades?”
“Isn’t it likely that the Gospel writers simply forgot most of the details about what Jesus said and did before they wrote anything down?”
“Since all the Gospel writers were people of faith, how do we know their faith didn’t get in the way of accurate historical reporting?”

These are all great questions for people to ask and frankly I wish more people were bold enough to ask them!  I commend those of you who wrote in and I have sent you all back personal responses to each of these questions.  Here on the blog, I am going to give a simpler answer that sums up my much longer personal answers:

Because God said so, and that is good enough for me and my faith!

Now I know that answer will anger many because at face value it seems simplistic and seems to dance around the “real answers”, but in fact this answer gets straight to the heart of the matter – faith.

Look, a lot of smart people who know the Bible word for word will tell you, as they told me, that the Bible has existed for thousands of years.  The Bible as we know it, with all of its themes and messages intact, yet using different words, has remained unchanged since it was originally written.  Yes there are different version and translations, but the MEANING and the MESSAGES are all exactly the same.  Now, do you believe this?  Do you have FAITH that this is true?  With your faith, I cannot help you.  YOU must convince YOU that this is true.  I choose to believe in it because after studying the Bible AND many other religions and texts, I came to the conclusion that God is who God says He is.  Jesus is who Jesus says He is.

Please notice I did not say WAS.  I said, God and Jesus ARE who They say They are, and I say this because of all the religions in all the world, ONLY GOD is still alive and well and working in our lives today.  I believe that the Bible is 100% the Word of God and it contains absolutely no errors, not because someone on Earth told me so, but because GOD told me so, and that is always good enough for me.

Here is the biggest problem I have with the majority of people who want to argue the Bible with me – they have never read it!!!  They start their arguments with me by saying, “Why should I read something I do not believe in?”

To which I always answer – “But your going to ask me to read your science books in which you claim the Big Bang theory is proven.  What if I say the same thing to you?  What if I say I refuse to read them because I think they are untrue?  Well of course you will call me close-minded, or tell me that I have “drank the Kool Aid”, when in fact your circular logic sees you doing the exact same thing.”

Oh by the way, I HAVE read your science books.  The same science books that get changed year in and year out as “new” facts come to light.  Notice that the Bible has no need to be changed EVER because God had it written PERFECTLY over 2000 years ago.

FAITH!!!!  It all boils down to faith!!  I have yet to read any science book that explains why my heart continues to beat.  The Bible explains it that God chose me to exist before time began and He also chose the day I will die.  I have faith in that statement BECAUSE GOD SAID SO!!!   God created man, man did not create man.  Therefore when God speaks, I listen.  When man speaks, I question because time and again, man has proven to be wrong and fallable, yet God is always perfect.

So again, these are great questions, but before I can answer any of them for you, you must either be open minded to the true answers or else we will simply have a debate about who is right, and debates, while good, never solve real issues.  They just try to prove two differing points of view.

Look, if anyone out there can prove God wrong, I welcome you to try.  It has not been done in over 200+ years since our recorded history, so you better come with some amazing proofs.  If not, I will stick to the God who created me, the God who chose certain men to write His perfect book, and the God whom I will one day meet.

If you are interested in my long form, fact filled, Biblical based answers that I personally sent to these brave question askers, please let me know and I will happily send them to you as well.  After all God sent me to college to collect these answers and He has taught me to defend them as well, so I will gladly help anyone who is interested.

I will close with this, “Man cannot live by bread alone, but instead on EVERY WORD THAT COMES FROM THE MOUTH OF GOD”  If you have not read EVERY WORD, how can you expect to live by EVERY WORD?  Please read your Bibles.  Ask questions about it like these people asked me.  Be curious about it.  Research it.  You will be amazed at what you find!

With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick


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