Heaven – What A Thought


Do you even let yourself sit down, where it is really quiet, and wonder exactly what Heaven is going to be like?

If not – WHY NOT?

I’ll bet you have found yourself wondering what your next vacation will be like – or what it would be like to get a promotion or a raise at work – or even what it would be like to go out on a date with that cute guy or girl.  So why not wonder what Heaven will be like?

Well to begin with, most people, while they think that Heaven exists, avoid thinking about it mostly because to get there you have to die, and no one, and I mean no one, wants to talk about dying.

Well, I am a child of God, therefore death has no hold over me and it does not scare me in the least.  While most see death as the end, for me, and for all Christians, it is only the beginning of what true life is going to be.  Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my life now and all the people in it.  I will live here as long as God wants me to, but make no mistake, when I die there will be nothing sad about it!!!  All of this is, while great, is  absolutely NOTHING compared to what God has in store for us in Heaven!  I will miss my family but the next time I see them, I WILL NEVER LEAVE THEM AGAIN!!!

Here is just a quick and minor glimpse of what God has in store for us in Heaven:


Perfect bodies that never get sick, never age, never break down
No more pain of any kind
No more tears
No more death
No more wars or terrorists or ISIS or anyone with even a bad thought!
No more need to sleep or eat ever again, but you can if you want to, you just won’t HAVE to


God also says that our feeble little minds have no clue what He has in store us!  That thought alone blows my mind.  There are some pretty amazing things here on Earth that God has given to us – and none of them even comes close to what awaits us in Heaven.

So why not take a moment tonight before you go to bed this evening, turn the lights off, just be alone with God, thank Him for His Son Jesus Christ, and then talk with Him about His home – Heaven.

Will we be able to fly?  The way I understand it, we will be able to walk up to lions and pet them without any fear they will hurt us.  What will it be like to walk up to say Abraham Lincoln and talk with him about what it was like to free the slaves?  Or even maybe talk with the Apostle Paul and ask him to tell us what it was like on the Damascus road!  Then of course – THE MAN – JESUS!!!!  I will throw myself at His feet and cry harder than I have ever cried, but these are tears of joy, the only kind allowed in Heaven!!!

We need to be thinking a lot more about Heaven than we currently do.  After all, it is our real home!  This Earth will pass away and everything on it.  But Heaven, and God’s Word will last forever.

Heaven is someplace you do not want to miss.  But you do realize that you need to make a reservation, right?  Do you have your reservation?  Do you know HOW to make your reservation?  If not, feel free to email me or comment below this post and I will share with you exactly how to ensure you have your reservation!!!  Jesus gave His life to save you a seat at the table in Heaven, but you MUST make a reservation with Him, and I would not wait a second longer!

I wonder what job I will have in Heaven since Pastors and Counselors will no longer be needed?  Hmmmmm……

With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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