An Urgent Prayer For Peace and a Return To God

Well this day certainly turned out to be one of turmoil.  First we learn of two separate incidents of police shooting people and then more recently this evening there were 10 police officers shot and 3 of them were killed in Dallas Texas by ‘snipers’.  This will play over and over and over again on the news, like a broken record, for the next week.

Satan certainly has a huge smile right about now.  Nothing better for Satan than people taking guns and killing other people for absolutely no good reason.  That’s called ‘chaos’ and that is the current state of our United States.

We have obviously forgotten Jesus words and warning of, “No house divided can ever stand.”  If you do not think that we are in the end times that the Book of Revelation talks about, well you are sadly mistaken.  Wars everywhere you turn, terrorists activity now daily, our own people sniping each other, Britain pulling away from Europe coming closer to a ‘one world religion and economy’ that the Bible speaks of.  Look, I’m no Nostradamus and have never claimed to be, but I CAN see the writing on the wall right in front of my face.

I often sit back and wonder how a people such as we, who seem so very smart, and have accomplished so very much in our short time on Earth, and still can accomplish so very much, are often so incredibly stupid.  If you tried to explain how we act to someone who never met us before, you would find yourself struggling to make a lick of sense out of the way we behave today.

But then again, it’s not too hard to figure out.  As a nation we have all but removed God from everywhere but Church and all that does is leave more room for Satan to walk around and control things.  Just look around you.  Greed runs rampant in every facet of our lives.  Greed of course leads to power hungry people who feel they “deserve” just a little bit more than they have, which leads them to do things they should never do.  I will not pretend to know what went on in all of these incidents tonight.  In fact, I probably know the least of anyone about these incidents as I refuse to listen to or watch the news anymore.  When there is so much good that happens in the world that never gets reported while incidents like this will be replayed over and over for the next few days until people are simply sick of it, well it’s just not worth my precious time to waste watching that stuff.

People ask me all the time, “Don’t you want to know what’s going on in the world around you?”  I sure do!  I want to hear about people making the decision to spend eternity in Heaven and giving their lives to Christ.  I want to hear about people who do amazingly kind things for other people without ever expecting anything back in return.  I want to hear about people reading their Bibles and asking questions about it because they have a true thirst to know God better.

I care not one bit to hear anything more about folks shooting one another.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, when the media plays this junk non-stop it creates a terror in people and drives them to act irrationally.  We now constantly are told about whatever terrorist thing that Isis is dreaming up, or about how every last person in our government is corrupt.  If you just sat and thought about that stuff all the time, you would never leave your home again.

In Philippians 4:8 God commands us to, “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”  Notice God did not say, “Ok, so you should turn on the news and get the crap scared out of you on a daily basis until it cripples you.  Then you should go buy a gun and shoot at absolutely anything or anyone who comes near you.”

Great things happen in the United States every single day, but they get no attention because people today mostly would rather hear about the garbage on the news, or whatever the latest gossip is about famous people.  Now we would be crazy to think this kind of thinking is new to our generation because this type of sensationalism has been around since Jesus time.  Every time Jesus did a miracle there were people there who would walk away from it and tell others about this “magician who was tricking people into seeing what he wanted them to see.”  The Romans were right up there with the most popular celebrities as far as the lurid lives they lived.  There truly is nothing new under the sun.

The problem is, the news and the media hang on to these morbid stories with a death grip and want to keep ramming it down peoples throats and call it “Breaking News”.  Have you ever noticed that pretty much ANYTHING passes for breaking news these days?

I prefer to fill my mind with thoughts about Jesus and God, my family, all of the happy times and all of the happy memories I have in my life to look back on.  I like to think about what Heaven will be like, I love to listen to praise and worship music and make myself feel great.

Unfortunately, the Bible tells us that things will only get worse from here on out, so we all need to find ways to keep ourselves centered and focused on God while we still can.  Before long, some idiot with too much power will proclaim that God shouldn’t be allowed in church either and that is when the real wars start.  But until that time, we need peace.

We need calmer heads prevailing.  We need to stop the madness.  How, you ask?  One act of kindness drives away all kinds of evil.  One kind word shreds a million hurtful words.  Sharing Jesus with even one person is all it takes to spread Him all over the world once again.  So tonight I will simply pray for peace – won’t you join me in this simple prayer:

“Almighty, all-power, and ever patient Father God who is in Heaven, please know that not everyone left here on Earth has lost their minds and turned to evil.  While our numbers seem to get fewer everyday, in actuality we simply do not have loud enough voices.  Hate has taken hold here in the United States.  Greed has taken hold here in the United States.  And both of these things are fighting with each other to try to replace you Father.  So tonight I call for a return of common sense to all men and women.  Obviously what we are doing right now is not working.  We have removed you God from the vast majority of our lives and we need not look far to see the ruin we have made.  It is my prayer with all my heart that we who love you will boldly stand for you this very minute and begin the revival and begin the return to You and Your Word as the standard by which we live.  We need to stop the madness and the hate and the greed.  We need to turn our thoughts instead to You and Your Word and to loving one another.  We need to put the guns down and pick the Bibles up.  We need to realize if we Christians do not act soon, we not have the opportunity to act at all.  So Father, help us to boldly go out into this dark world tomorrow and begin standing for You.  Sure there will be a price to pay, sure we will be persecuted for our thoughts and words for you, but that’s nothing new now is it?  Jesus was nailed to a cross for defending You and we should expect no better.  I pray from peace God.  I pray for a return to Your standards for us.  I pray for this to happen now before we the chance altogether.  Thank you for loving us and being patient with us and especially for sending You one and only Son to die for us.  Please help us God – we know not what we do!!!

In Jesus name I pray for all people to return to You now, AMEN.

With Love and Hope for a better tomorrow,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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