When Our Wells Run Dry


Tonight I would like to study our old friend Elijah.  He will serve as an example of what we are to do when “our wells run dry”, or more to the point, when we are at our wits end and all of our resources seem to have left us.

Let me start with this sentence as it will be the theme for our study, and I am borrowing this from Pastor Rick Warren:


“You don’t know God is all you need until God is all you have!”


 We all would do wise to remember this, especially in trying times like the times we currently live in.  Ok onto our friend Elijah.

Elijah was a prophet of God.  Some say he was the greatest prophet.  He was told to confront King Ahab because of the kings sins and tell him that there would be a drought on the land until Elijah came back to speak to them.  Sure enough, just as God said there would be, there was a drought on the land.  Of course King Ahab and his wife Jezebel blamed Elijah and thus sent men to kill him.  Because of this, God told Elijah to go live in ravine called Kareeth.  Appropriately enough, Kareeth in Hebrew means ‘cut off’.  As you can imagine, since Elijah was living in a deep ravine, he was cut off from the world.  He was so cut off that God actually sent ravens to drop food into the ravine so that Elijah could eat!  God also caused a small brook to deliver water to Elijah so he could drink.

So what was God really up to here?  Well of course he was teaching King Ahab a lesson about sin, but he was also giving Elijah some ‘me’ time, alone and sequestered in the ravine so that Elijah could meditate on his need for God.

Here is another lesson for us – God uses our alone, and sometimes dark, times to prepare us to be able to minister or help others.  This was the lesson Elijah was learning in the ravine.

So in 1 Kings 17:7 it says, “…but the brook dried up.”  Ah-oh.  Well, that’s not good!  There goes Elijah’s drinking water!  Elijah’s resources just plain ran out.

So why is it that our “brooks run dry?”

  1. to keep us from depending on ourselves and our resources instead of God
  2. to move us to a better place because we get stuck and comfortable where we are
  3. God often uses these times to remind us that He has not forgotten about us

In Elijah’s case, God dried up the brook to move Elijah on to a better place.  God told Elijah to go next to Zarapheth in 1 Kings 17:18-19.  Here is the kicker though, God told him to go live with an old widow there.  Remember, Elijah was a wanted man and there was no way a widow could protect him.  In fact there was a number of things wrong with this command from God as far as Elijah was concerned:

  1. it was a journey that he would have to walk over 100 miles to make
  2. he would have to walk there in the open and he was a wanted man
  3. he would be forced to walk through lands that worshiped Baal, or a pagan god
  4. Zarapheth was home to Jezebel, King Ahab’s wife who wanted Elijah dead

Elijah went anyway.  Why?  His ultimate faith in God.  What can we learn from Elijah here:

  1. the path to a miracle always goes through uncomfortable territory
  2. the sources of miracles are always unexpected for us but not to God
  3. the pattern for a miracle is always C.P.R:
    1. C = Command – God gives us a command to do something
    2. P = Promise – God tells us, “If you do this, then I promise I will do that for you”
    3. R = Risk – we step out and take a risk in faith, do what God says, and God keeps His promises!

Elijah arrived and found the widow just like God said.  There was a problem though.  The widow had one small jar of flour and a jug that had a few drops of oil in it!  Elijah told the widow, “Go home and bake a loaf of bread for me first, and then bake a loaf for you and your son and all will be well for us.”

That widow must have looked at Elijah as if he had ten heads!  How in the world would she make two loaves of bread out of what surely was not enough ingredients to even make half of one!

What did she do?  She had faith – she went home and God multiplied the flour and the oil and they never again ran out for her!  What can we learn from the widow?  In other words:

What Are We To Remember To Do When We Run Out of Resources?”

  1. Whatever it is you need more of, give what you have to God.  Do you need more money?  Give what you have to God and He will multiply it.  You must do this in faith.  If you have no faith, then this will never work for you.  Does this work?  I have yet to meet the person, myself included, who said “I wish I had never tithed money to God.”  God will always ensure that a generous giver gets more to give.
  2. Whatever I have the least of, give that to God as well so that He can multiply that too
  3. We do not give to get a blessing – we give to be a blessing to others
  4. God is all we need – trust and have faith in God
  5. Where God guides, He provides.  If God asked you to do something, if you do it, you will succeed.  God called me at age 45 to quit my job, go to school and become a Pastor and Counselor.  I had no idea where the money or time would come from, but I moved ahead in faith.  I am now a Pastor and Counselor and God ensured we had the money to pay back every cent of the loan -oh and we never missed a tithe either!
  6. I must trust God one day at a time
  7. God’s promises hinge on our obedience to Him.  No obedience, no blessing

Are you in place right now where your ‘brook has run dry’?  Where it seems like your resources are about to be gone?  Where you just feel like you are at your wits end with life?

Then just memorize this passage of Scripture and recite it every day while you faithfully obey God and soon your ‘cup will runneth over’:

“My God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus”

Hang in there my friend!  God knows where you are at because He put you there, and He never forgets about us.  He just waits for us to be faithful before He blesses us.  Won’t you take that first step in faith today?

If you have never accepted Jesus as your Savior, then right now is the best time to take your first step in faith and accept Him while you still have the chance to.  Just tell Jesus you are ready for Him to move into your life and become your master and your Savior.  Then as you live daily in faith, your dry brook will soon be a rushing stream of riches!

Have an amazing, blessed, and safe weekend my friends!

With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick


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