Jeremiah 29:11:

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

I love this verse and always find it comforting, especially in times when it seems like there is little to hope in.  Our lives as God originally intended them to be lived in the Garden of Eden was perfect.  No worries, no sorrow, no death, no lies, nothing bad.  Just perfect communion with God.

Then we decided perfection was not good enough.  Sin.  Temptation.  Death!!!

Even some of our Biblical heroes have said such things as, “Why is it that I find myself doing all the things I do not want to do and I NEVER do the things I want to do?”  It is truly maddening isn’t it?

There is just so many things about our lives today that make no Earthly sense at all.  Let’s think some “big thoughts” together for a few minutes shall we?

Why do we ever treat anyone else any other way than the way we ourselves want to be treated?  If we simply did this one simple thing, there would be no more killing.

Why do we say mean, hurtful things to each other when we cannot stand it when people say mean and hurtful things to us?  If we simply did this one simple thing, there would be no more hurt or anger.

Why do we look at others and most of the time think to ourselves, “I sure am glad I’m not like that person!”  If we simply did this one simple thing, there would be no more jealousy or strife between each other.

Now knowing that we all do these things to each other on a pretty much daily basis, how is it that God could even want a single thing to do with any of us?  We are hopeless right?

No.  That is the devils lie.

No, we are called to be the most hopeful people that ever lived because Jesus, before we were ever born, knew the mess we would turn out to be, and in His ultimate, pure grace and goodness, decided that He would take all of our mess and hurt and sin with Him to the cross so that we would be seen by God as unblemished and blameless!


I understand all too well how very easy it can be to get yourself into a hopeless frame of mind.  Life can come caving in on you in a moments notice, and if the devil has his say, it will continue to do so.

The cure for that is simply to look up……look up at Heaven where Jesus is sitting and say, “Thank You Lord for loving me no matter what!  Thank You Lord for looking at me and not seeing a ruined, broken, worthless person, but instead you see me for what I am, Your child!  Thank You Lord for Hope!”

Now I would like to share some images of hope with you in the hopes that it will brighten your day.  I know that looking at these sure make me smile, on my lips and in my heart!


Now that’s love!  And hope for the future!
God’s promise to us!  A real life glimpse of God’s Word!
If God can create this much beauty here on Earth, makes you have hope in what is in Heaven, right?
Our ultimate Hope!  Hearing Jesus say to us, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

Have a very blessed day and thank you as always for stopping by!  I truly appreciate you!

With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick



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