Me Too!


“Me too”

“You are not alone”

“We are the same”

These words are so comforting to others around us when they are hurting or going through pain or sorrow.  We are all desperately searching for our “me too”.

Our someone who can sit next to us, and hold our hand, or hug us and then look us right in the eye and say, “Me too!  You are definitely not alone on this one!”

Those words turn the key on the lock of loneliness and despair that can quickly set in on us if we feel like we are the only people in the world who are going through a trial.

Even though over 50% of marriages today end in divorce, each couple going through it feels as if they are the only ones who have ever experienced the intense pain, sorrow, and often betrayal that comes along with divorce.  Of course if children are involved, then the children will usually spend the better portion of their adult lives feeling as if they and they alone were the cause the divorce and that always simply is not true.

“Me too” though are some of the hardest words for us to share.  Why?  Well it makes us put the “real” us out there for everyone to see.  When your friend tells you, “I just hit my wife and I feel like the worlds most evil person,” if you have hit your spouse in the past, then this is the perfect time for a “Me too” moment, but often what comes out is, “Wow that;s not good.”  That is because we are afraid to let the real us show up and be vulnerable.

We need to always remember that the “Me too” is start of healing for those sharing their troubles and sorrows with us.  They are being real enough with you to share their pain, and you need to be real enough right back to let them know that they are not sitting in their boat alone.

Share your “Me too” as often as you can.  You will deepen your relationships with your friends and family and as well, you just might find more healing for yourself when you let go of some of those “hidden” things you have been keeping from those whom love you.

With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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