Prayer Journals

Prayer Journal2

One of the best ways to remember just how awesome God is and to remember just how much God does for us each and every day is to keep a prayer journal.

What exactly is a prayer journal?  So when you sit down each night for your quiet time with God (you ARE sitting down each night for your quiet devotional time with God right?) what you do is you keep a notepad with you and a pen.

As you talk with God and you are praying for Him to act in your life and the lives of others, just write down the date and what it is you asked God to do.  Then say this little prayer, “Father God, I want to thank you in advance for the ways in which You will work in my life and the lives of others.  May I never forget all of the amazing things you have done for me, are doing for me, and will do for me in the future.  May this journal forever be a reminder of Your grace and love”

Then as you go back each night for your quiet time with God, look over your notes.  What you will find is that you can often go back and mark “Answered!” by many of them.  By some of them you may write, “Answered, but certainly not in the way I expected.”  Yet by others you may write, “Grateful this one did not get answered as something much better happened.”

If you do not write it down, you simply will not remember all of the times when God works in your life.

As I look at my own prayer journal this evening, I can see that no less than 6 prayers were answered just this week!  I am on page 114 of my journal and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon.  When I feel down or blue, I open this journal and am reminded that God loves me.  When things are going great, I open this journal and remember why they are going great – because God is awesome!  When my family or friends are hurting, I can open this journal and see that God will help them just as He has helped me through many of the same issues.

God took the time to write down the Bible for us.  The least we can do is to write down all of the times that He has blessed us with answered prayer.

As a final note, these journals are absolutely golden to share with your children.  They will see where you have prayed for them and how God has answered those prayers and they will see that works for them even when they have no idea about it!  That is powerful thinking for kids of all ages.

Thanks so much for reading my writing and commenting on the posts.  Without you, there would be no need for this blog, or my Counseling Business, nor my soon to be online church.  I appreciate you and it is my prayer that you would pass on this blog to others so that we can make this little community into a much larger gathering for God!

Have a very blessed and safe weekend and may God bless!

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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