God Is Awesome!

Well it has been a long time coming but I am proud to make a few announcements!! God’s Light Christian Counseling is officially taking new clients! I offer referral rewards to anyone who refers a client to us of $100. You can access the website at this link to read all about the services we offer – https://godslightcc.com/gods-light-christian-counseling-ho…/.

Second, look for God’s Light Christian Church Online to open its doors within the next 2 weeks! Weekly video sermons, video Bible Studies, video Question and Answer Sessions as well as podcasts will be available free of charge for all to enjoy! Please subscribe to our YouTube channel when it opens in 2 weeks.

Finally, I am overjoyed to announce that I will be joining Cornerstone Marriage Counseling group as a Marriage Therapist as well. Time to get busy for God in huge ways!

God is awesome!  There is little else as fulfilling as teaching God’s Word to others in ways that help them apply it to their lives.  As well, when I can help a couple who are hours away from divorce to revive their marriage, God gets that glory, and that truly is what life is all about.

So look for many great new things to come your way soon as we kick off our Video Sermon series with a series of messages titled, “In The Beginning” where we take a look at how God’s creation should affect our lives today.

I truly appreciate each and every one of you who follow the blog and our Twitter account. We hope you will head over to God’s Light Christian Church website and sign up there to become members.  It is my hope that you will help us to continue to grow by sharing the news of what we are doing here with others who can use it.

With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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