Podcast #1 – Hope for All – Jesus In Samaria

We are extremely pleased to bring to you our very first podcast from God’s Light Christian Church!  This is the first in what we hope to be weekly podcasts that we will bring to you on various Biblical topics.

Today’s podcast focuses on Jesus’ discussion with the woman in Samaria and how that simple discussion brings hope to the woman, to the Samaritan people, and to all of us even today.

You know, hope is something that is extremely important to all people.  Where there is no hope, the door is left open for the devil to enter and take hold of your life.  Christians know that Jesus is always with us and the He took away all of our sin.  That knowledge alone should give us hope.  Yet sometimes we get in dark places in our lives and, like the Samaritan women, we need a gentle nudging from Jesus to remind us that we are never alone with Jesus as Savior, and that Jesus alone should bring us hope for our eternal future.

I hope that you will enjoy this podcast and more importantly, I hope that you will take the time to comment on it so that we can make them better and better for you each week.  Also, if you have suggestions for topics you would like to see covered, then please comment and let us know that as well.

And now we bring you God’s Light Podcast #1 – “Hope for All – Jesus in Samaria”

With Love,

Brad Komgenick



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