Seriously Humbled!


Wow! We are so VERY humbled by all of you!  We had over 9,000 people listen to our very first podcast!! Talk about miracles!!  We never expected anywhere near that many people would listen, but you did and for that we are blessed and very grateful.

Thank you as well for all of the great and constructive comments.  We realized that we did not have the Donate button working when the podcast was posted and for that we are sorry!  The button was there a few hours after the podcast was posted and it sure looks like you found it!  The Amazon Affiliate link is live as well. And again thank you so much from the bottom of out hearts to ALL of you who so graciously and generously donated!  Without you we would not be able to bring you the podcasts and the video sermons that will be coming your way this weekend.

We will be producing our very first video sermon this Saturday appropriately titled, “In The Beginning” which will kickoff a 5 part video series about God’s creation of all things and how we can apply that knowledge to our lives. We are extremely excited to begin bringing podcasts and videos to you.  This will allow us to begin building out church community and we simply cannot wait to see what God has in store for us.

Not only will we be bringing you sermon videos, but we will also be doing Bible study videos that will not be your usual Bible study videos – we intend to get right to the real application that can be had from God’s word and have a lot of fun doing it with you.  Finally we will be producing Question and Answer videos about all things God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, the Bible and all things Counseling.  Do you have a question you have been chomping at the bit to ask a Pastor or a Counselor?  Well now you can!

All of this will begin coming your way beginning this Saturday!!!  We could not be more excited!

We have the absolute best, funnest, brightest, and most generous members that exist on the internet, and we could not do any of this without you, the readers/listeners/watchers/Jesus Christ believers!  And it is for you that all of this great content will be created.  It is our goal to bring God’s Word to you as well as great and practical counseling advice to you as long as we can.

So again, thank you from the bottom of out hearts for your generosity!  Between your donations and you using our Amazon link to make purchases, you have already made it possible for us to cover the next two months worth of internet hosting AND be able to write a generous check to the Red Cross which was by far the most chosen charity that you asked for us to donate to.  God bless you all!  You are already helping those who are in need and we only one podcast in!!!!!

We are off to a start that is far greater than we could ever have dreamed and we know that our God has huge things in store for this ministry!  But without YOU, none of this would be possible.

God bless you and we will see you back here tomorrow for the next blog post!  Look for our first video sermon, “In The Beginning” to be online here Saturday evening by 8pm Eastern time.

With Love and a grateful heart,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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