Fear Not!


Did you know that God made sure that the Bible includes a grand total of 365 different mentions of the words, “Fear not” and “Do not be fearful” in the Bible?  That is one for every day of the year!  When God repeats something in the Bible it is because He really means it, and it is important to Him for us to understand it.  God does not want you to be fearful of anything, ever.

To God, fear is a lack of faith in Him.

Remember when Peter was in the boat and Jesus was walking on the water and heading toward him?  Peter said, “Lord if that is you, then tell me to come to you!”  You just have got to love the zeal that Peter lived with!  Always ready to jump in head first no matter what the cost.

Jesus told Him, “Come to me Peter!”  Our boy Peter then jumps straight up and steps out of the boat and stands right on top of the water just like Jesus was doing!

And let’s stop the story here for a minute so that we can look at something.

What do you see when you look at the boat now that Peter is standing on the water?  Most people focus on Peter but just for a second, let’s look at the boat and tell me what you see there?

What I see is a boat full of people with very little faith.  You see, all of them had the same chance as Peter to jump up and say, “Call me to You as well Lord,” but they sat silently.

Fear is a lack of faith to God.  Fear stops us from receiving God’s best in our lives.  Fears keeps miracles out of our lives!!

Back to Peter.  So Peter starts doing a miracle by himself by walking on the water just like Jesus did.  Oh but then the Bible mentions these little words, “Then Peter started to look around.”


This is what happens to us humans way too often.  We finally have moments of great faith…… and then we let the world intrude.  Many Bible scholars think that right here in the story someone in the boat, one of the people who had little faith, yelled out to Peter, “Peter what do you think your doing, you cannot walk on water!  Look at the waves coming!  You will drown!”

Peter took his eyes off Jesus and put them on the world, just for second, and the fear rushed in……and he started to drown just like the world told him he would!

Keep your eyes on Jesus and fear not!  Worried that you might lose your job?  Just look at Jesus and know that He will bring you a better one if you lose the one you have.

When we keep our eyes on Jesus, when we keep our focus on the One Who Creates and who gave His life for ours, we have nothing to fear.  Death itself holds no grip on God’s children because it is simply the first step we take across the threshold into Heaven and an eternity in a perfect place with a perfect body.

My friend, make today the very last time you ever fear anything!!!  God’s plan and purpose has you covered in every way we can imagine.  When we do not fear, we in essence tell God, “I know You got this.  This will have no power over me.  I walk boldly with Jesus Christ by my side and with Him there, what on Earth would I have to fear?”

“Fear not!”  Two words that set the stage for a life of contentment and fulfillment in a relationship with Jesus Christ!!  As for me and my house, we will fear nothing, but instead walk by the side of He would commands the very winds!!!

With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick




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