Who Is This?

Jesus calms the storm

“Who is this?  Even the wind and the waves obey Him!”


Did you ever wonder how it is that the disciples that were with Jesus saw Him do so many miraculous things and yet they still never quite knew who He truly was?

I know it is easy to be very hard on them because it seems that we are taught that these guys were kind of a bunch of bumbling fools.  Jesus taught them things and showed them things and the best they could do was keep wondering who He truly was right?

Well we need to keep in mind that if it were us in their shoes, we would do no better than they did.  First we must remember that they were as human as we are.  When a storm comes and you are a fisherman, you know its time to get to shore or else your boat could be taken under water.  At what other time in their lives had anyone ever walked on the water and saved them from a storm?  Never.  Yes they knew that Jesus could do miracles, but they had yet seen Him calm the winds and the waves.  Yes it is a matter of the limits of their faith, but we must account for imaginations as well.  Would YOU imagine that Jesus could just speak and the storm would stop?  You have to be able to think a thing before the thing can exist!

You and I have the Bible and all it teaches to show us that there is absolutely nothing that Jesus cannot do.  But these twelve men had no such thing.  All they could do was cry for help and then absolutely marvel at the level of miracles that Jesus could easily produce.

Now many people who I have had Bible study with tell me this – “Well Pastor Brad, did not these men have access to the Old Testament?   If they did and had read it, they would know that when God parted the Red Sea for Moses, and Jesus said He was God, then it stands to reason that He could have calmed this storm right?”

Well that is amazing deduction and it certainly shows that you have read your Bible so I give you a gold star and a mighty pat on the back for that.  I wish more people would read the Bible and ask questions about it!!  But here is the thing – when you are on a boat and you cannot see land and it is very dark out and you are about to drown – do you think the Old Testament is the first thing you are going to think about?  I know I would not.  I would be thinking, like they did, “how can we possibly get out of this alive?”

We must be gentle with the Apostles and stop being so hard on them.  After all, God put their stories in the Bible to teach us that even when you spend three years with the greatest teacher that ever lived, it is still very possible, and easy, that you may have missed a thing or two when it comes time to take the test.

When the Apostles made the statement “Who is this?” they were not truly asking who Jesus was.  They were absolutely besides themselves that they were with God in the form of a man!  Just as we would be if Jesus were to stand beside us today.

If Jesus came to your place of work, walked up to you and said, “Hello I am Jesus and then turned your can of Coke to wine, I’ll guarantee you that Bible verses will be the last thing that crossed your mind!

So as we read our Bibles this week (you ARE reading your Bibles regularly right?) let’s all remember that it is easy to look back 2000 years and think how much the Apostles messed up when it came to knowing Jesus.  But let me ask you, are you noticing the miracles that are happening all around you every day thanks to Jesus?

“Father, thank you for Your Son Jesus Christ who gave His life so that we may live forever in your company.  Also God, thank you for the Apostles.  Let us not judge them for the mistakes they made, but instead let us be grateful that they gave their lives to ensure that Your Mighty Word would make its way all over the world and into our hearts and minds today.  Lord help us to know You better and help us to love You more each day.  That way when the people around us ask, “Who is your God?” we can boldly and proudly say, “Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior and the reason we may have eternal life.”  In Jesus precious name I pray, AMEN!”

I hope you have an incredibly blessed day and look for our very first Video Sermon entitled “In The Beginning” coming this Saturday evening to the website.  As always, God bless all of you who continue to bless this ministry with your generous gifts.  We truly appreciate you and we could not keep the content coming without you!

With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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