Writing In The Sand



Jesus writing in the sand from John 8

Tonight I will answer a question I received through email.  I absolutely love it when you send in your questions and comments.  I personally read and respond to every one.  When you take your valuable time to to come here and read my writing, or listen to our podcasts, or watch our videos, then you can bet I will make time to respond to you.

So here we go!

Here is the question: “Pastor Brad, I have read and heard many different opinions as to what Jesus actually wrote in the sand that seemed to send the Pharisees away when they were trying to make Jesus stumble about condemning the adulteress.  What do you think that Jesus wrote in the sand?”  –  James L, Tennessee

Thanks for writing in James.  Being a Bible Scholar, I can tell you that I have read about 24 different theories on what Jesus wrote in the sand that day.  Some of the theories were just absurd, such as “Jesus was just doodling in the sand as He gathered His thoughts as to what to say.”  Come on!  This is Jesus we are talking about here.  If anyone has their thoughts together already it is Jesus, so that theory does not hold water.

I have also read that Jesus wrote the names of all of the men who were accusing the women in the sand to astonish the men that Jesus could know their names before He had ever met them.  I do not think this is true either because Jesus would certainly have been familiar with these men because this was not the first time this group of men had tried to trick Jesus into getting Himself arrested.

Here is what I think Jesus wrote, and this is simply my best guess at it.  Remember, if God would have wanted us to know exactly what Jesus wrote, He would have told us directly in the Bible, but He did not.  Therefore, at best, all we can do is speculate.  I think that Jesus wrote down the sins that each of these men were guilty of themselves.  Then when they came over to see what he wrote, they would see a sin they were guilty of and be convicted of their own sins.  This was also a way to get directly to each of these men’s hearts without actually calling them out by name and saying what they did.

When Jesus then said, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone,” all they had to do was look down to be reminded that they were just as guilty of sin as the woman was so they laid down their stones and walked away with their tails between their legs.

Isn’t Jesus awesome!  Even when rebuking us, He manages to give us the lesson in a manner that is personal to us and in a way that we cannot confuse.

I welcome any and all questions about anything you have on your mind.  Our goal with this site is to create a like minded community of God fearing and loving people and we are off to a pretty good start.  Please feel free to send your questions to pastorbradkom@gmail.com and I will personally answer all of your questions or comments.

Have a blessed day!

With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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