Tomorrow is the Day!

in the beginning

Hello everyone!  We are busily working on putting the finishing touches on our very first YouTube video debuting on the site tomorrow evening.

The video series is titled “Light For Life” and the first video series will be called “In The Beginning”.  Blake and I will be covering the first book of the Bible, Genesis and the first 5 chapters.

Our goal is for these videos to be enriching for you, show you how to apply God’s Word to your life practically, and lastly we want you to have fun watching these videos.  We have had a ton of fun creating them for you.

Here at God’s Light Ministries, we have been called by God to win as many people as we can to God.  We are attempting to do this by bringing you content you can enjoy and content that will help you to love God more and learn more about God each and every day.

As well, we offer tried and true Christian Counseling services that have been helping people who struggle with life’s challenges.

We truly hope you will come back tomorrow evening and enjoy our first video.  As well, please leave comments on the video, even if you decide it is the worst thing you have ever seen.  We can take the criticism, and our goal is to produce the best videos that we can for you.  If you do enjoy it, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and you will get notified when we publish our new videos each week.  Finally, we would truly appreciate it if you would pass the word on about our website, our blog, our podcasts, and our videos.  Let me tell you, starting a church and a ministry is exceptionally hard work.  God wants to ensure that we are in it for the long haul and that we are going to do it right and that is why it is hard work, but if even one person gives their life to Christ because of our work, then we will consider ourselves a success.  But we need your help to get there!  Word of mouth is the only advertising we can afford, so we would truly appreciate it if you would tell as many people as you can about us.  Pass the links on – YOU just may be the reason that a person gets to Heaven!

Finally, if you stay till the very end of our video, you may just see a miracle!!

See you back here tomorrow night for the premiere of “In The Beginning!!!”

God bless you!

With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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