Wavering Faith

George Michael of WHAM! fame sang a song called – “Faith.”  He was not speaking about faith in God, but it goes to show that every single person has faith in something.  Some have faith in themselves and what they can accomplish on their own.   Some have faith that there is not and could never be a God in the world.  Some have total faith that God exists yet they do not live like it.  And others have faith in God and live in knowing that God can and will handle all circumstances in their lives.

But whether you have strong faith in God, a little faith in God, or wavering faith in God, at times we all have had our doubts.

Let me define faith for you from a Christian world view:

FAITH – the confident conviction that God will do what He has promised us in His Word

It also goes without saying that we will all have our faith tested at one time or another.

James knew all about this.  I will paraphrase James from James 1:1-8 when he said that “consider it all joy when you have troubles because troubles produce endurance in our lives.”  Here he meant that when we have troubles, AND have faith and patience that God will help us through these trouble, then we have endurance produced in our lives that helps us handle these troubles.  A person who does not have Jesus as their Savior does not get this help.  They are on their own.

The Bible teaches is that if we waver in our faith, we should not expect to get help from God because we are in effect telling God, “I just do not trust that You will do what You said You would do in the Bible and get me through this.  Therefore I will have to get through it on my own.”

Why is it that we doubt and have wavering faith?

  1. Human reasoning – when Peter stepped out on the water and walked on it, he walked successfully until he fell to human reasoning that said, “Humans cannot walk on water” and at that moment he instantly fell into the water.  He lost his faith in Jesus to supernaturally help him.  If you live by human reason, you will stay in the boat and miss God’s best for your life.
  2. We allow our feelings to overcome our faith – the Christian life is an unnatural life.  It is based on faith and not facts and what we can see.  Faith is solely put in what we cannot see but know in our hearts is there.  Heaven exists right this moment even if we cannot see it.  Whether you believe it or not is irrelevant, it exists.  Just as electricity and gravity exist even though you cannot see them.
  3. We focus on our circumstances instead of God – what we focus on always gets larger.  When we focus on our problems, they get bigger.  When we have faith in God, He gets bigger,  God is bigger than all the worlds problems put together.  Tell God about your problem, and then be patient while He deals with it.
  4. We may be ignorant of God’s ways – Mary and Martha were upset that Jesus did not come immediately and save Lazarus, their brother, from dying.  Yet when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead they then understood that Jesus had a bigger and better plan – to show the world He was who He said He was.

    An important lesson here is that God’s timing is never the same as our timing so throw your watches away.  God’s timing is also perfect so always make sure you wait on God when making any decision.  If you rush ahead of God, you will miss His best for you.

    Also, remember this – God is only silent when He is up to something huge in your life!

  5. We still feel guilt over past sins – you only need to ask for forgiveness for a sin one time.  Satan will always tell you that you are never forgiven but of course, like everything he says, that is a lie.  God forgives us because Jesus paid for all of our sins.  Never ask for forgiveness for a sin more than once or else you are telling God that you do not believe that He forgave you the first time.

So how are we to deal with our doubt then?

  1. Figure out where the doubt is coming from? – is Satan telling you that God is not trustworthy?  Are you trying to rush God into your timing?  Figure this out quickly and then talk to God about it and then wait on Him.
  2. Ask yourself, “Has God ever failed me yet?” – you know the answer to that is “NO!” so why would He fail you now?  Never doubt that God will keep His Word to you.
  3. Did not God promise to meet ALL your needs?  He certainly did!  It’s right there in the Bible!  Re-read it as often as you need to.
  4. Remember that God gave us the Holy Spirit to enable us – We have been sealed with the Holy Spirit when we gave our lives to Jesus.  The Holy Spirit is proof that we never need doubt God.

God is telling you this very important statement when you doubt:

“Do what I tell you to do and see how I bless you for your obedience…..or disobey Me and doubt me and then you will forever wonder what I WOULD have done for you had you obeyed and not doubted!”

Friends, we all have times of doubt, but they should be fleeting knowing that God has promised to meet all our needs and never leave us nor forsake us.

Praise God that He keeps every Word and every promise in the Bible.  He loves us unconditionally, even when we doubt Him.  So let’s always remember that He is there for us and we never need to doubt His favor or His love.

He gave His only Son to die for us so that we may live eternally.  That alone proves He is worthy!!

With Great Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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