We are so very proud to present to you the very first video in our Sermon Series “In The Beginning” right here on God’s Light Christian Church and on our YouTube Channel.

We hope you like it – we hope you will comment on it after you watch it – we hope you you stay until the very end for our “extra scene” – and we hope that you have fun with the video and that it enriches you as you learn how to apply God’s Word to your life in the book of Genesis.  Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and spread this link to everyone you know who enjoys learning about God’s Word.

With high hopes and a lot of nervousness…….

We present to you…..

“In The Beginning”

One thought on “WE ARE LIVE!

  1. So….what do you all think about the video?? Good? Will never be up for an Oscar?? We really do care about what you think, especially how we could improve. Thank you for watching and thank you for your comments and especially thank you for subscribing to the YouTube Channel!


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