Do you know why this number is significant?  It happens to be the number of seconds that God has placed into a single day.  If you are lucky, this is how many seconds you get to use if you live the entire day.

Are you using all 86,400 wisely?  Let me ask you, who did you help today?  Who did you pray for today?  Who did you tell that you love them today?  Who did you tell that you appreciated them today?  Who did you secretly buy lunch for?  Who did you smile at today?

The real truth is you never know when the second you are living will be your last.  Jesus tells us that not even He knows when He will return to take us home with Him.  He also makes it very clear that we should be living each second like it could be our very last.

We do not want to waste a single second.  Not one.  Each one is precious.  We waste them when we worry.  We waste them when we get angry.  We waste them when we gossip.  We waste them when we hate.  We waste them when we do not trust and love God.

God made over 7,000 promises to each one of us in the Bible.  Yet we often live like God never said a word to us.  When we worry, we do not trust Him.  When we get depressed, we do not trust Him.  When we get angry, we are not loving God.

Instead, why not use a few of your 86,400 seconds to unconditionally love others?  Pray for other people before your needs.  Pray for our country which right now desperately needs to be united once again under God’s Word and leadership.  Pray for others who have no place to sleep and have no clue where their next meal is coming from.

86,400 sure sounds like a lot, but as I write this, 500 more people took their last breath, thinking they would have many more years left to do what they should have done just a few seconds ago while they were still breathing.

Do not waste another second.  Start by thanking God for your life which He decided to give you.  That is a great use of your time!!!

May God bless!  With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick


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