Where Will Help Come From?


Psalm 121:1-2:

I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
    where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord,
    the Maker of heaven and earth.

Have you ever been in a place in your life when you needed help?  A place where no matter what you try, nothing seems to go right?  Maybe you have been waiting now for quite some time for a prayer to be answered and it feels like your running out of time.  Maybe you need a job very badly or a new job because you work for the worst boss in the world, but after the 20th interview there is still no job.

Maybe you wish your relationships were stronger – better – more real.  Maybe you wish you had stronger faith, or maybe just faith at all.  Maybe you feel lonely, always surrounded by people, but always feeling alone.  Maybe you feel that there just isn’t anything to smile about.

Maybe you feel hopeless.

Stop looking down.  There is nothing down there but dirt that people walk on.  Instead, might I suggest you look up?  What’s up you ask?

When you look up, you cannot help but see God everywhere.  You see the trees that God made.  You see the clouds, each one unique, that God strung up in the sky.  You can feel the sun shining – the sun that God created and put in the sky to give us light and warm us.  At night, you can see the stars – each one God created and keeps right where He wants it.

Oh, and your help is up there if you decide to look for it.  Because God is up there.

“You have not because you ask not” the Bible tells us.  So why not ask God for help?  “I have and nothing has happened” you might say.  Is God a genie in a bottle that you simply rub and get what you want?  Of course not.  God knows your heart and your intentions.

So first, ensure you are coming to God with with all sin confessed and in a right relationship with Jesus – then I dare you to ask for help!!  Ask for whatever you need “and it will be given unto you, pressed down, filled to overflowing” because that is the God we serve.

Three years ago, I asked God for a change.  I was tired of working a job that meant nothing to anyone.  My life didn’t matter.  I was wasting time.  I wanted to make a difference in the world.  I wanted to make a difference in peoples lives.  I simply asked God, “Let me help people.  Someone.  Anyone!!!”  Well almost four years later, after a ton of hard work, lots and lots of lost sleep, long days and nights of school work and training, lots of sacrifices made of time and money – God said “Ok your are ready now – now you can help.”

Keep looking up!  ALWAYS LOOK UP!  Every day you do not ask God for what you want is a day wasted.  When God tells us He wants to talk to us, then talk to Him.  Talk to Him like your best friend.  You would never fail to tell your best friend all about your life – what your feeling – what you need.  Tell God and see what happens!  I dare you!

Are you one of the people who are actually afraid that you might get what you want and that getting it would be so much harder?  That it is easier to just keep complaining instead of putting in the hard work?  I was one of those people when I started this journey.  “Where will the money come from?  How can we live with less than we make now?  Where will the time come from?  WHAT IF I FAIL?”

Let me tell you this, and know that I mean it:

When God asks you to do something, YOU WILL NEVER FAIL!!!!  When God challenges you to do something He always ensures that if you obey Him, you will succeed.  And let me tell you from my heart, success is absolutely awesome!!!!

I get to work now every day to make peoples lives better, fuller, more meaningful.  What job could be better than that here on Earth?  I have the joy of people putting their arms around me and saying, “Thank you for helping me to have hope again!”  Those are powerful words that go straight to the heart.  Those are words I would never have heard had I not trusted and obeyed God and never feared failure.

What will it be for you?  How will you make a difference?  What do you need to ask God for?  I look forward to hearing your success stories so very much.  Won’t you start today?

Just look up and ask God!!!

With great Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick



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