Podcast #2 – God is For Us

Please join me on God’s Light Christian Church’s second podcast titled – “God Is For Us.”

In tonights podcast I will be outlining what it means when God says He is “for us”, as well as describing the very extent that God goes to to forgive us of our sins.

Your one click away from learning all about why and how God is for us, how many of our sins are forgiven and finally the 5 things we would not know if it were not for God.

Happy listening!  As always, we appreciate your comments on our podcasts and videos.  As well, we are always appreciative of your donations to our church ministry.  Without you and your generosity, we would not be able to continue to bring this weekly teaching to you.  You will find the ways to help us on our “Donations” page and again thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts.

And now we present podcast #2 – “Our God is For Us.”

One thought on “Podcast #2 – God is For Us

  1. Really enjoyed this podcast; was very reassuring and I also enjoyed following along in my Bible with you. Great job.


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