Do Not Judge….


That sure is easy to say but yet it can be extremely hard to put into practice.  Have you ever found yourself judging others over nothing?  I will admit that I have caught myself doing just that, really without ever even thinking about it.

For example, I was recently walking through a mall with my family and as I looked over at a couple sitting on a bench eating what had to be some delicious Aunty Anne’s pretzels and I noticed that the man was extremely overweight.  The very next thing I found myself thinking was, “Well I know I am overweight but at least I am not as bad as he is.”

How absolutely revolting that thought was.  How rude, mean, selfish, narcissistic, and uncaring could I be?  And further more, how incredibly easy and quick it was to do without even thinking about it.  Just goes to show that Pastors and Counselors are no different than any other of God’s children.  That’s the beauty about Christians – we will easily admit that we are flawed people and that we truly need God in our lives in order to have any chance at eternal life!

Well I immediately stopped and asked Jesus to forgive me for that thought and that I would certainly do my best to take my thoughts more captive more quickly in the future.

Our human sin nature is something that is so ingrained within ourselves that we truly have to work at it daily in order to get even the smallest bit of control over it.

We all know that we cannot stand it when others judge us.  Therefore, we need to start ensuring that we are aware of the times that we slip into doing it to others without even thinking about it.  Satan will drop all kinds of little thoughts into your mind all day long.  Make the choice to let those thoughts pass right on by without acting on them.

Remember, Jesus tells us, “Judge not lest you be judged.”  We do not want to find ourselves standing in front of Jesus and have to explain ourselves over why we were so judgmental to others.  Yes it can be easy to do, but if we have God’s Word hidden in our hearts then it is much easier to let those judging thoughts pass right on by.

Thank you Lord for giving us Your awesome Word that we can keep hidden in our hearts for those times when the devil decides to speak into our minds.  You showed us what happens when we give the Word right back to Satan – he runs away with his tail between his legs.  Please help us to remember Your Word for those times of need.  Thank you for forgiving us when we are judgmental, and thank you for loving us just the way we are.  In Your precious name we pray, AMEN!

With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick


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