As a Pastor and a Counselor, I love to listen to other Pastors give their sermons.  Early on I was told by my teachers and by other Pastors that it is best to not listen to other Pastors because it can have an influence on what I decide to say.

Well actually I see that as a good thing.  Take for example – I love Pastor Charles Stanley.  He is wise beyond his years, has been a Pastor longer than I have been alive, and has such a sincere love for people and a heart for Jesus that I truly hang on his every word as a teacher of the Bible.

Dr. Stanley has a favorite saying and tonight I would like to share it with you as I believe there is not much more of a truer statement than his saying.

Dr. Stanley says, “Obey God, and leave all of the consequences up to Him.”

I just love that statement, and it is incredibly true.  It is simplistic in its teaching and it is always a relevant teaching – in all ways we should obey God first and then whatever consequences come from doing that, let God handle them, because He will and He wants to!

For example, if you were at work and someone started to use the Lord’s name in vane, it is upon you to tell that person that you find that offensive and that you would prefer them to not do that while you are around.  Now you might say, “Hold on there Pastor Brad, what if it was my boss doing that?  If I told them that I would be fired!!”


The consequences of obeying God should be left up to Him.  Let’s say you call your boss to  the carpet for his language and you get fired.  Maybe God was using you to send your boss a message they needed to hear and as well you may end up with a better job because of it!  I can name you at least two people that I know very well who did this very thing, one was let go and the other was asked to move departments within their company – both will tell you that they got the better end of the deal!

Besides, as Christians we are called to never be ashamed of Jesus nor His Word.  His Word commands us to stand up to those who would sin and take His precious name in vane.  What are the consequences if you DO NOT call out people who do this?  I guess we will find out when we get to Heaven but I’d rather just obey God and leave the consequences up to Him!  I hope you will as well!

Thank you Dr. Stanley for your wisdom and your love of all people that you have purposed your life solely to the betterment of all people.  I can only hope to be a tenth of the Pastor that you are.  God bless you sir!

With great Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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